The weeks that gave me the space to simplify

Well, it’s been three weeks since I last created one of these weekly roundup posts. Mostly because I’ve been traveling and sharing separate posts about those trips. And, I mean, I didn’t want to be repetitive or bore you, so I waited. And now, since we’ve come up on the last week of February, I thought I could share a little about the non-travel parts of these past few weeks. For all of the exotic + amazing days I spent in the Swedish mountains + on the coast of southeastern Spain, I had just as many lovely days of work, rest, and magic at home. With such a mix of activity, experiences, rest, and inspiration, I feel like I got some perspective. Or, rather, I feel that February gave me the space to understand the richness of life and just how simple living life can be.

We really do fuck things up for ourselves a lot. We make things way more complicated than they are. When, in reality, living life can be fairly simple. Hard to do, yes. But, simple.

Of course, it is much simpler when things are easy. When life just flows + feels good. When we have those opportunities + moments that we want to have. When life presents itself as fun, exciting, happy, beautiful.

But, simplicity and easy are not synonymous. A simple life is not an easy one. And an easy life is not a simple one. So, when I talk about living a simple life, when I talk about learning how to simplify, I do not at all mean a life that is easy. Rosy. Peachy. Problem-free.

To simplify is to focus. It is to be grounded. And, most importantly, it is to be present.

And, that’s the gift that February has given to me. Or, rather, that I have given to myself throughout February. Oh, every moment was not so great for me. The month started off quite shaky. But, in learning more + more about what it means to embody my soul, I stuck to my guns to stay in the moment. To make space. To keep it simple. To not overanalyze. To find the joy even in the chaos. And to laugh whenever possible. I was determined to make every moment, whether traveling or at work or at home, simple. By simply being present + expecting the best of each moment.

You see? Simple. But, easy? No way. However, totally doable. It’s more about an attitude, a conscious, mindful way of actively choosing to live slowly + to be present. One moment after another. To feel whatever hell or bliss or anything else in between that I may feel, but to not get stuck in that feeling.To let it be + then let it go. To constantly allow myself to be open to the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not great at this. But this month has definitely helped me to understand how to get better at it.

I guess this desire to simplify goes back to the idea of non-attachment. To allow whatever comes my way to come. To trust in the process. Moments may not always be just what we want or how we want, but there are a few things I believe that help me to accept them as they are.

There is something beautiful to be found in every little thing, everywhere. It’s just to be open + look.

This too shall pass. that is, the only constant is change. To stay with a moment is to trust that it will not last, for all of life is in constant motion + evolution.

There is something to be learned from every moment.

So, while February has given me the gift of travel, which has inspired me + allowed me to take a break, to enjoy the moment, and to laugh a lot; this month has also offered much in the way of regular daily life.

There were plenty of cozy moments these past weeks, both at home and at work; but it was not all easy. Not all cozy. Not all stress-free. Not all fun. The thing is, even in the less amazing moments, I was focused on accepting them + working to find whatever good I could in a moment or situation that was uncomfortable or just down right horrible. But, more than anything, while traveling, at home, or at work, or anywhere in between, I simply decided to try to remain positive. To expect + create positivity around + within me. And, if I needed to step away or breathe deeply or be alone… I did that.

You see, for me, February has really been about embracing the space of the moment. Of trying to not take everything so seriously + seeking to enjoy life. Days, weeks, months, years are whizzing by. Life is moving quickly. Time seems to be speeding up. And I don’t want to miss out on living my best life, on loving every second I can.

So, for this month, for these past weeks, I’ve just hoped to simplify it all down to what’s important. And pause to just enjoy whatever I can. The weather. The quiet. The mornings. Friends + coworkers. A cup of coffee. My home. Walking to work. Family. Sleep. Meetings. Cooking. Meditation with students. Grocery shopping. I just want to slow my life down, pay attention, and enjoy the hell out of it all.

The idea, I believe, is not to complicate things. It is to simplify. And I am so grateful that this month, as weird + transitional as it is, has inspired me to find that simple joy in everything from exotic travel to days off to stressful meetings to calm nights at home.

Now, we are moving closer + closer to spring. And the last few days of February feel so very different than the first few. Nature is awakening. And so are our souls. But, before we rush ahead…let’s just keep on savoring the moments as they come. Let’s pause for a few more deep, grounding breaths that root us to our souls + to the earth.

Breathe. Slowly. Deeply. Hand to heart. Eyes closed. Breathe. And feel. Simplify, wild souls.

xoxo. liz.

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