a moody nordic christmas: my first post of the holiday season

forget the weekend. who’s ready for the holidays?! raise your hand! both of my hands are up. can you see them?!

in my little world, however, this is a problem. you see, i have a strict rule that i follow every year:

no christmas decorations, music, shopping, or any other festive activity until after thanksgiving. (yes, i love christmas shopping at the last minute in the midst of all of the hustle and bustle – it’s part of the holiday feeling!).

the thing is, i’ve always been a hard core american who believes that we should not skip straight to christmas after halloween, forgetting the beautiful simplicity of the one day out of the entire year that americans try to focus to food + family, home + hearth, more than anything else. we americans simply shouldn’t skip over thanksgiving (the rest of you, celebrate on!).

american society does not agree. the christmas season must reach back into the season of autumn as much as possible in order to create as much profit for business as possible.  so, it’s really, really hard to avoid getting all christmas-y in november because it is everywhere. mixed in with the fallen leaves and the cozy, organic, earthy colors are christmas trees, snowmen, stars, and twinkling lights. it’s literally impossible to avoid it all.

it’s even harder when you are an expat living in a country that doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving – where it’s totally understandable and ok to begin celebrating and decorating for christmas… like, now.

herein lies my holiday dilemma. for whatever reason, i am seriously obsessed with my winter pinterest board – already! i am pinning away like crazy. and that inspiration has gotten me all geared up and ready to start celebrating now as well.

i will hold out, though. sort of. there will be no xmas decorations in our home until after we host our thanksgiving dinner on the day after thanksgiving (november 27). but, that doesn’t mean that i’m not preparing a playlist, decorations, and activities to do during the holiday season.

here’s what i’m geeking out on right now (so much so, that i even threw this little vignette together myself the other day!):


last week, lina texted me a picture of some candlesticks that she thought i might like to use for christmas. i sent her a photo back, then she sent me another, and soon we realized that we are on the exact same page when it comes to a christmas mood. which is super duper exciting.

the look that we are going for this season is this:

white, all shades of grays, and naturals. with a pop of evergreen touches. our idea is to have a minimalistic (shocking, right?) nordic-inspired home. we’re drawn to the calm, simple, balanced shades of gray; a bit of white and black, and a tiny bit wood + dark green to bring a little nature-inspired, organic feel to it all.

oh, forget me trying to explain it. here. take a peek at some of my absolute favorites from my winter board on pinterest:

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what about you? when do you start decorating? do you have a theme? what look are you going for in your christmas decorating?! how will you express yourself this holiday season? do tell! tips, ideas, more inspiration are most definitely welcome!

merry (almost) christmas! xoxo

// you can follow my winter board on pinterest >>> here. //

13 thoughts on “a moody nordic christmas: my first post of the holiday season

  1. Canadian thanksgiving is in October so doesn’t factor into Christmas preparations for me — I had a rule that Christmas could not enter the house until after my birthday Dec 9 — lol — I’ve weakened and now allow it in before — but not until December.

    this year, I find myself also glued to Pinterest searching for ideas. Mostly though it is for christmas dinner table — I will admit, my art studio is already a glittery mess as I’ve started created hand-made crackers for the table, each one unique — and embossing glitter is part of the design. 🙂 As we’ll be up to 24 for dinner I have to start early on these babies!

    I do love your look — my challenge is always I love the minimalist look but end up moving from minimal to cozy comfort/clutter strewn without even noticing! 🙂

    Your post has inspired me to be a bit more judicious this year. I’ll let you know how I do. Blessings and light to you and Lina.

    1. 24 for dinner! Wow! That sounds wonderful and intense. But, your first year married to your lovely companion, how beautiful! It sounds just great that you’ve got a glittery mess and that you just throw your heart and soul into your decoration/preparations. It sounds so very festive! I suppose that Lina and I are feeling the desire to have balance and calm around us, and so that is why we are drawn to this look this year. But, it feels warm and right and good. Sending you some warm hugs and light too.. xo

  2. Following your Winter board on Pinterest. Actually some nice simple ideas I may try. I know what you mean about Christmas — it should not start until after Thanksgiving, but it gets harder and harder every year not to decorate early and really enjoy the season.

    Have enjoyed getting to know you and Lina through your blogs — I have learned so much.

    1. I am so very grateful that you have taken the time to read through and “meet” us! I will absolutely not do any decorating before Thanksgiving, but I WILL most definitely do a lot of preparing. 😉

  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! I want to decorate for winter holidays already even though it’s not even close to Thanksgiving. I think that, in all honesty, part of that feeling is that I feel so much gratitude each day already and don’t really need that “one day” for it. I’m still undecided about my choice of theme, though (and, since I have so few decorations now, I can start with whatever I like), but I know that I want whites, creams, and some color. Maybe purple.

    I look forward to seeing your decorations!

    1. Oh, the purple sounds deep and rich. And so you. 🙂 And I am right with you about the daily grateful thing. So, yes! We should decorate away whenever the mood strikes us! Hope you are doing well, dear Shayla. Miss you. xo

  4. GAh, you know I’m trying to hold out too and this is not helping! I love this aesthetic – so cozy! I go way totally more like, Target cheesy – lots of glitter, lots of twinkle lights, lots of plaid haha. I’m making lists of what I want to get for people this year, I feel like I have a few good ideas. Oh now you just made me really excited – ah!

    1. It is very cozy and moody, and not how I have pictured Christmas before. I have also always wanted to have over-the-top, National Lampoon’s kind of Christmas decorations. This year, though, feels different. But, right. the twinkle lights will always, always, always find their place all over my home, though! It’s just so magical! I hope you’ll share a bit of your decorations too later on! xoxo

  5. Love, love, love! Great inspiration. I need to get started on planning. I love having a bit of a colour theme, but I also have some old favourites that go out every year (even if they don’t match!) Enjoy your thanksgiving, we joined in with an American friend one year and got to see what it was all about, we really enjoyed it. Xx

    1. Oh, the decorations that have been around for years… they are so important! However, moving from country to country has forced me to have a box that just stays stationary in my parents’ basement in NC. I have a few very important things with me, of course.

      So glad you love my little mood/theme for this year!

  6. So very you (not so very American going by the movies I’ve seen – or Irish for that matter) but I absolutely looooove the style you’re going for. I’m with you Christmas is supposed to have a short run up. For me decorating time starts with lighting the first candle on the first of advent. I like colours but no bling – sparkles (that’s not bling) but no flashing lights. So a little less minimalistic but still simple and stylish

    1. No, not your typical American flashy style, for sure. But, I’ve done that. And I love it to pieces! I have absolutely nothing against it! But, in my home this year, this is what I am craving. Thanksgiving and the first of Advent are always on the same weekend, so the decorating goes hand in hand for me. And I love that the timing lines up like that. I can’t wait to see a few snaps of your decorations – and the first with Ciaran!

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