ten on ten :: november 2015 // creating the life you want

my 10 on 10 day was a lovely, regular day this month. so this post is a peek into how things have kind of been for the past, oh say, almost two months. in my everyday life. a time that has been very difficult and very charming at the same time.

it seems that i have found a sort of balance to my days. and i have realized recently, perhaps even more so because of my weekend of life coach training last weekend, that meditation is now a way of living for me. it is as much of my day as sipping on my first cup of coffee. a ritual that is no longer something that i plan and strive to do, but something that comes naturally. and this makes me so happy. it’s been a dream of mine to be one of “those people”. and , i am not tooting my own horn, as we say; rather i am simply celebrating a much-anticipated desire to let meditation truly become part of who i am.

but, i am getting ahead of myself. let’s take this one photo at a time, as i share with you how my tuesday looked. a photo celebration of the beauty and balance of the every day.

first thing every day, i sip water by the window and slowly watch the day begin. i absolutely love this time of day. these 5 minutes or so of just gazing out my kitchen window.

sunrise uppsala

after my window time, and while the coffee brews, i turn the calendar to the correct date. a little act that doesn’t really mean so much, but somehow i am mindfully aware of the passing of time every day that i flip the page to a new number. and i give thanks for being here – for one more day. wall desk home

sipping on my first cup of coffee, i usually sit on the sofa and chat with my wife as she gets ready. i check out blogs, write + respond to comments, and watch the morning news on tv. this is what i call “family time”.morning coffee zola

after my love has headed out the door, i get dressed, do the dishes, make the bed, and then get on the floor. time to meditate and journal. and some days practice yoga. oh, how i love this time of day.meditation me mala beads

after meditating, i may curl up on the sofa for a bit to do some writing and some work. how lucky am i that i can sit in this comfy space and work? candles lit. blanket around my legs. and fingers clicking away. living room uppsala home

some days, like tuesday, i need a change of scenery. so, i move into the kitchen and sit at the table. the sun only shines directly in from about 11-1 PM everyday, and tuesday i timed it perfectly. more coffee. more writing.kitchen computer home

in the afternoons, i can honestly say that i shift gears a bit as i prepare for lina to come home. not that it’s a big deal, but it’s time to focus on us. and her treatment really is that involved. the only thing i really do is begin to prepare dinner or take care of some other errands/things that she’s not able to do right now, as it’s best for her to rest as much as she can. which isn’t hard for her to do in one way because she is exhausted – something that happens when your body begins to work hard and use up all of the nourishment again. so, i try my hardest to make sure that things are calm and safe for her when she is home.

on this day, however, i found out that she was staying a bit later than planned because of a doctor’s appointment. she had a little more than an hour to kill, so we decided that i’d ride my bike up to the hospital and hang with her for a while. plus, i could attend the doctor’s meeting too. so, off i went!castle uppsala

the doctor’s appointment was really good. and then we sat and talked with her therapist for i don’t know how long. and that was really good too… she’s got some amazing help there. and her therapist is super good – i’ve met with her and lina a few times now. i am really impressed… and grateful beyond words.

when the appointments were over, the sun had set and twilight was on it’s way as we walked home together. it was 3:15, people.
uppsala river

once home, my love went up to prepare some coffee for us and i headed to our neighborhood grocery store. this is our apartment building. doesn’t it look all cozy in the 3:30 PM evening sky?! apartment home uppsala

we had dinner, did some talking and hanging out, and finally decided to climb into bed to watch an episode of homeland that i had downloaded. it was early, but we are both tired. emotionally, mentally, and physically. still, it was really cozy to just be together.

i found myself feeling overwhelmed by this cozy little life that we have created together. good or bad, we always have each other.
bed home

so, this is how my days really have looked for a while. minus the days when i have gone in to work at the photo boutique, or been away for the weekend. and it has been good run. but, that’s all over now.

last night, inspired by the new moon + challenged by life life coaching weekend, i surrendered to my deepest desire to complete my book by the end of the year. nothing is stopping me except me.

so, to be the most effective, i decided that i will leave the apartment at 9 every morning and head to the library. i will find my favorite little corner, which i will most likely get since i’ll be there when it opens, and i will write like a crazy person. not because i have to, but because i want to.

perhaps these balanced days have prepared me for what lies ahead. oh, i’ll still drink my water and gaze out my window to see the sunrise. and i’ll still meditate. but, when my love leaves, so will i.

i have been blessed with learning how to create a slow, intentional life throughout this entire year. and it has empowered and energized me. so now, even though i will be more active and out + about, i will be able to keep that slow, intentional way of living with me. because that’s just how i live now. like my meditation practice, it has simply become my way of existing.

here’s my little corner in the library. i started yesterday!

now, share with me what a regular day looks like in your life!

onwards + upwards!!

10 thoughts on “ten on ten :: november 2015 // creating the life you want

  1. still my favourite types of posts. the little snippets of everyday life. I always feel like I’m part of it. The morning coffee, the couch cosyness, the strolls through Uppsala. Glad Lina is in such good hands – both at home and in treatment. You’re so blessed to have found each other!! Lots of love xx ps are you not working at the photo boutique anymore??

    1. Oh, I love that you love these kinds of posts. Sometimes I wonder if they are boring, and I was really wondering about this one, since it was such a regular kind of day. But, that’s where the beauty lies, isn’t it?

      I am still working at the photo boutique, but sadly I am not working there much in November. In December, however, I’ll be there A LOT! 🙂

  2. You are my role model when it comes to living in the moment! I aspire to learn how to do that, and posts like these help a lot. Thanks!
    I’m so excited for your book! What a great idea to “go to your office” to write every day, being at home is too full with distractions. What is it about? Is it a novel? Memoir? A guide on how to live intentionally?

    1. Wow, Miriam. What an amazing and humbling thing for you to say! That means more to me than you could ever know.

      As for my book, it is a memoir. But, through my stories I hope for it to be a guide of sorts of finding one’s inner peace. So, it’s my story, but hopefully, an inspiring journey for others as well. I suppose it’s kind of like this blog – mostly my reflections on what has happened in my life, but shared in the hopes that it will touch others. 🙂 However, I’ve got tons of other ideas about books after this one is done! 🙂

  3. I’m so happy to hear that you and LIna are feeling confident with her treatment. What a blessing to have someone who feels like they’re on your team. Warm thoughts through this time! And YES to your commitment towards your writing. You’re already taking such huge steps setting the time, space and energy towards it. GO GIRL.

    1. It is definitely one less thing to worry about since she has such good help – and it keeps up positive, focused on the fact that she can conquer this, Thank you so much for thinking of us and supporting us! And a double WOO HOO WOO HOO for cheering me on as I get my shit done! xoxo

  4. What a beautiful day. It is so great to read that Lina is getting such wonderful support. Sending you lots of love and positive vibes for you goal to finish your book (so exciting!) much love to you xx

    1. Thank you ever so much for your love and positivity. We can feel it all the way up here. You are absolutely just a wonderfully kind person for caring so much. xoxo

  5. I’m both excited to read about your plans to move forward on your book (I second the WOO HOO!) and inspired/totally amazed by the strength you have – the intentional way of living, the foundation you have created – that is allowing you to give so much care and love to your love (and to all your readers I should add) while boldly running at full speed towards your destiny/truest self. I feel like I overuse the word “inspiring” when commenting on your posts but I can’t think of anything better except maybe to say wow with a lot of exclamations. xoxo

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