a video of our road trip: starring paige, lina, me & first aid kit!

there are perks to being married to a graphic design student. and one of the new ones is homemade videos. that’s right, my love has gotten into the groove of making videos  – and she is goooood. so, during our road trip to see first aid kit in concert this past weekend, she did a whole bunch of filming using her iPhone throughout our entire trip. and then she spent last night & this morning creating, editing, and finalizing an amazing and fun video of our trip! what a great way to preserve memories and laugh at how silly we are. i’m so excited and can’t wait to see what other videos she creates after this crazy, amazing, event-filled summer.

but, for now, check out this awesome 6 minute video of our weekend road trip!

peace and love. xx

0 thoughts on “a video of our road trip: starring paige, lina, me & first aid kit!

    1. Thanks, Dayna! It is so much fun to have those memories saved like that. Hope you are happy and well. xo

  1. That’s got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever watched! You two clearly both have the same passion for photoing / videoing / journaling all your experiences!
    You ever thought of just writing one blog between you two?
    I don’t know the first thing about editing a video – I’m majorly impressed 🙂
    Looked fun!

    1. I know nothing about editing either, but I can do the stuff beforehand. 😉
      You know, Lina and I had a blog together for a short little time before I started belovelive. It doesn’t exist anymore, but it was so much fun. After reading your comment, I mentioned to Lina about starting up a new blog, with a new focus, and we are wondering about starting one. We already have some ideas, including having a weekly video post, and it would be so much fun!
      Thanks for all of your blog love. It always means so much to me. xo

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