what are you waiting for?


i’ve got quite a few exciting things on the horizon for the next month or so. i’m so excited, i’m about to burst – and i find myself wishing the hours and days away. and then i realize that time is moving way faster than i even could have imagined, and i actually just want it to slow down. of course, i can’t control time. but, what i can control is how i live and use and experience every minute in my life.

you know, we all seem to┬áthink that if we just make it to friday, or to our vacation, or when we get married or find the perfect partner, or move to the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, or make enough money, or have the perfect job, etc… then we will finally be happy. we focus so much on the future that we forget the present and all of the gifts that it has to offer. and, life, my friends, is not what happens in the future. instead, life is made up of tiny, little nows. so, if we are always waiting and wishing for what comes next, then we are always waiting or wishing – instead of living. and i don’t want to wake up one day knowing that i have squandered all of my “nows”, waiting for “then”.

so, today, i choose not to ignore my excitement for all of the things to come – for my road trip to the beach tomorrow, and my month long trip to sweden in a week. because those are really good, amazing things. but, i choose to not only think of those things and miss out on the joy of the moment that i am in. right here. right now. i choose to realize that what is to come is not the only thing that is good. today, this moment, is just as precious and beautiful and exciting.

besides, we never really know if this is the last moment we will ever live. so we might as well live it up and suck every single bit of life out of this second. right now. what are we waiting for?

love and adventure and peace to you. xx

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  1. beautiful post Liz.
    I am a total believer in this, not always a total do-er of it… but I believe in it yes, and I am trying to make steps to remember it always…
    I hate the “I hate monday” gang… it’s bloody depressing – those phrases need skipping! make every day a good day ­čÖé
    don’t get me wrong, there are lots of horizon things I am hanging on for – namely just a week of holiday which is TOOOO long away, but all that reminds me of is the need to make my moments before then, more fun filled… that’s what it’s all about isn’t it!
    and with that, i’m closing up my laptop, locking the shop, and rolling on home ready for a fun packed eve!

    1. Thank you, sweet lady! I know, I read recently something from someone (who was dying of cancer – and has since died) that if we are living for our vacations, holidays, etc. from year to year, then we are missing out on what life really is – those everyday moments and simply being thankful for each day. Her words have stayed with me for a few months now, and I finally was able to get a post out inspired by her.

      Enjoy your weekend!! Celebrate the ordinary! xo

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