a walk with mom

the other day i was headed downtown to the library so i could hook up to the free wifi and get some things done. it was early afternoon, so that means it was early morning on the east coast. just about the time that my mom usually wakes up. i don’t remember who texted whom first, but we somehow ended up in a texting conversation, and to show her what it looked like where i was, as i crossed the snow-covered park just across the street from my apartment, i snapped a photo and sent it to her. while i continued walking, i kept snapping photos here + there and sending them to her. pretty soon, i realized that i was documenting my entire 20 minute walk, and sharing it with my mom as if she was there. and, oh, how wish that she was. i would love for her, and my dad, and my brother, to see sweden. all three of them would absolutely love it here.

it’s hard being so far away, even if it’s beautiful + exciting + filled with adventures + friends and family. that’s all stuff that i love about sweden. but, it’ll never replace the feelings lina and i have about asheville + our family and friends there. in fact, we have little asheville moments all of the time – missing our apartment, drinking local beer with my brother, having the opportunity to see my parents whenever, hanging out with our friends, our car (hehe).

but, so it is, living the life of an expat with two places to call home. you do the best you can to soak up where you are and appreciate every little moment that you can connect with someone who is far away. so, for this day, as i texted with my mom (thank you, apple iPhones!,)we did the best that we could. and, it was almost as good as having her beside me. almost.

1-park-uppsala 2 american-flag-uppsala 3-cathedral 4-bridge-uppsala 5-river-uppsala 6-old-town-uppsala 7-favorite-street
9-mall 10-espresso-house

8-library 12-desk

currently, i am back in the library (as i was on the day of this walk), and it’s almost weekend! i’ve been quite productive today. edited photos, had a job interview (!), which i think i may have gotten, and am now settled in a cozy chair to do some updating + communicating. i’ve fallen in love with this library. it’s warm, comfy, and filled with tons of interesting people. anyway, love is in the air and i wish you all a happy weekend, lovelies!

onwards + upwards! xoxo


7 thoughts on “a walk with mom

  1. What’s the job, what’s the job!?!?!? 🙂
    And beautiful snaps. I hope you’re both doing OK and settling in OK, and not missing Asheville too much!

    1. Hi love! We are feeling good and missing Asheville at the same time. Overall, though, I’d say things are very good. Happy to be here!! The job is to be a personal assistant to a handicapped man. I went and visited him today… not sure if it’s what I should do or not. We shall see! Hope you and your love had a great V day! xoxo

  2. So glad you’re settling in! As a mom who’s daughter lives 5,000 miles away, I know how wonderful your mom must have felt starting her day with sharing yours. iphones are the best!! happy valentines day to you and lina!!

    1. Hope your Valentines Day was beautiful. It great to know that you know exactly what I was taking about. xoxo

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