a walk with my love.

i woke up this morning and it was cold. i mean well below freezing cold. like really hard to get out from under your covers cold. brrr… but, even though a chill was in the air, the sky was a beautiful blue & the sun was a bright, golden yellow. so, that means only one thing:

at some point we’ve got to get outside and enjoy this amazing-ness.

so late this afternoon we headed out.

after a cozy, slow walk around the city, we decided to stop off at a nearby restaurant and order a wood-fired pizza to take home with us. i must say, it was a delicious pizza and the perfect way to ease into a warm, snuggly evening at home.

now, i’m all hooked on some american suspense movie on tv, which will not be over after 12. but, tonight, that’s perfectly fine, even if i have to get up & go to work in the morning. why, you ask? because tonight, over here in europe, we change times. yep it’s time to fall back tonight & get one extra hour of sleep. yeah. the down side of that is that beginning tomorrow it will be dark between 4 & 4:30, and only get worse until the end of december.

the nights seem soooo long this time of year, the darkness is overwhelming, with the sun rising at 9 and setting about 3/3:30. it’s crazy. but, all you gotta do is buy a super-size bad of candles, and burn tons of candles all evening long. and i totally love that!

ok. back to my movie now. hope you’ve had a great saturday!

peace out, peeps.


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  1. Oh boy, I am shivering just be the thought of those awfully cold temperatures you are describing in the very beginning. Would it make you feel better to know that we were having high 60ies only a day ago?! 😉 We will be switching over clocks next week, so right now we should be about 5 hours apart…

    1. yes, the five hours difference really messes with my brain. it’s so much harder to calculate. hehe. i can’t even comment on your 60s temps… i’m so full of jealousy! (although not today, since y’all are dealing with sandy still). hope you’re still ok!

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