restless nights.


tonight i’m feeling restless. bored. like i don’t know what to do, but don’t really want to do anything either.

i think it’s the darkness. as i mentioned yesterday, daylight savings time ended last night. so, winter time is upon us. today, when i walked home after work at 2:45, i knew the sun was beginning its descent. it had already fallen below all of the buildings. by the time 4 came, all the lights needed to be turned on. by 7, I felt as if it was 10 since it had been dark for so many hours already.

usually i feel really cozy in the middle go the swedish autumn’s darkness; but tonight I was pacing the floors. nor even a few candles lit could soothe me. i gave up about 8:30, and my love (who felt just like me) and i crawled into bed. we lit a candle, i downed a glass of wine, and we talked about our dreams, about the future. we talked ourselves down from our restless evening. it’s now almost 10, and a respectable time to go to bed without feeling like a little old lady. the cat has made herself a little nest between us now, the final sign that its time to bring this day to a close & rest before tomorrow.

so, goodnight world. snuggle down and let the darkness envelop you. feel calmness & silence all around you.

peace, I wish for you.

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  1. I am with you. This sudden darkness came just a little bit too fast and the brain has hard time adjusting.

  2. Lovely post. The happiness that you and your love appear to share brings a smile of contentment to my heart. Thank you for sharing and thanks for the well wishes you sent out to all of us.

    1. thank you so much. awww… it means alot to me that you smile & feel happiness when hearing my random thoughts. 🙂

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