A weekend in New Hampshire • 1 

Our time in NYC flew by, and before we knew it, it was time to move on and head north. But, leaving the city that inspires us so was super easy because we were going to be reunited with my family!

After a year and a half apart, we would finally have a chance to be with my parents. And after a year had passed since my brother had visited us in Sweden last summer, we were all gonna spend the weekend together in my brother’s New Hampshire home.

So, Lina and I woke early, packed up, and headed to the local bagel shop around the corner for a quick breakfast. Then, coffee in hand, we lugged our bags down Bedford Avenue + disappeared down into the burrows of the NYC subway system. God, I love the New York life.

Once in Manhattan, we hopped a cab to the bus stop that would take us to Boston. We had considered the train, but then I stumbled upon the MEGABUS website and discovered that we could get two reserved seats directly to Boston for only $36. For real!!!

So, we climbed aboard the double decker and settled into the four hour ride. We were about an hour late, but who the hell cares? It was $36!!

We got our bags and suddenly my dad appeared behind the glass just beside our terminal. I couldn’t believe it!! My dad! Finally! We hugged and then made our way to the RV to catch up with my mom. And there she was!! It was all so surreal, and it felt like it’d been forever and yesterday since I’d seen them all at the same time.

We rode for an hour-ish and then arrived at my brother’s home in the middle of th New Hampshire countryside, just outside Portsmouth.

I could barely believe we were all together.

So, we settled in, caught up a little and just sat around being the same room together. At that moment, that place was the best place on the whole entire earth. I was completely complete.

Soon, my brother and Lina and I took off to go grab some dinner. My parents stayed back with Nick’s dog, Gunni, giving us some alone time. We rode into the town of Newmarket and share a delicious meal together, picking up where we left off a year ago in Sweden. Laughing, drinking, dreaming, discussing.

After a night’s rest, I woke early and went to the kitchen to put on a lot of coffee. I opened the back door and sipped on my mug of piping hot java in solitude on the back deck. The trees were a deep green with the sunshine glowing through them. Soon, Nick joined me. Then, Lina. Then my parents. We all sat back there, in the warm, humid air enjoying a long morning. Together.

We made plans for the day. We’d all climb into the RV, including the dog, and go exploring along the NH and Maine coastline, hopefully stumbling upon a yummy seafood shack along the way.

It was a long, hilarious, sometimes stressful (five adults, a dog and a rv on curvy coastal roads), and beautiful day. I cherished every single freaking second.

We ended the day by closing down a vegetarian/vegan restaurant (my parents stayed home again) in a town nearby. The ride there was the stuff that makes my soul sing. I was in the front seat with my brother, Lina in the back. The windows were down. Bluegrass was playing. And we wound through the country roads of New Hampshire while the sun set. Perfect moments.

There were three red stones beside my seat in the windowsill at the restaurant, and I noticed that they weren’t in every windowsill. For some reason, I just knew there were left there for my, my brother, and Lina. So I passed them out and stuck mine deep into my bag. I don’t quite know what to make of the symbolism, but I still feel that it is something. I’ll just trust that it will unfold + come to me in the right time. For now, though, I have a little physical memory of that evening of breaking bread together.

More New Hampshire amazingness to come!!

xoxo. liz

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    1. Can you drop by the Wedge this afternoon?! We will be there from 4pm on!! I’d LOVE to meet you in real life! xoxo

        1. YAY!!! That is so exciting! I won’t have any phone or internet service there, so just look for me. ?

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