a weekend trip at the beginning of the week.

weekend bag

thanks to the swedes’ dedication to celebrating the coming of spring with wild abandon, i get a little road trip vacay just as the week is beginning. oh yeah, that’s right. it’s the annual valborg celebration in sweden. and what that means is that tomorrow swedes will begin the day with a champagne breakfast (at least this chick will) and then wander around outside all day long… enjoying the weather, grilling out, hanging out in parks. bonfires are also part of the celebration. and it will be amazing to get to spend some days with my love. ♥

ok, blogging peeps. time for me to say good bye and head on off to the train station. and you know how much i looooove a cozy train ride. can’t wait. time to celebrate the coming of spring! i’m a lucky girl soaking up life today! pics coming later. (and check back tomorrow for may’s photo journey!!)

happy spring! peace & love.

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    1. there were not so many pictures, as i was sick with the stomach flu from the moment i got there till the moment i left. 🙁

  1. Really great to know Lina’s feeling well & that you both get to celebrate valborg together with your family & friends! What a great way to start the week & the season!


    1. lina had permission to go on the 2 day trip, but it ended up being not what was expected because i got sick. and then lina got sick after we got home. perhaps tomorrow things can get back on track. 🙂

      thank you for the comment and the positive vibes!

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