all i’m doing these days.


day-dreaming. feels like that’s all i’m doing these days. good thing i found this to remind me to never quit dreaming. ‘cuz writing just ain’t happening these days. i want to post, but it’s not coming out. i think i’m busy living life, which is not bad at all. at the same time, i’m not feeling inspired to write either, which kinda bums me out. but, i’m a big believer in life flowing as it needs to flow. wherever i am, is exactly where i need to be. so, i’m just letting the words come when they come. and in the meantime, i’m day-dreaming away. feels kinda nice.

come and join me…

wishing you cotton candy dreams and sunshine and peace.

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  1. I totally understand what you are going through. Am experiencing the same right now. It’s a shame but then, it’s summer and awesome outside. Plus life has caught up to me. 🙂

    1. times change, priorities change, and what we focus on changes. it’s just for us to just go with the flow and let it be as it is. while i miss reading your posts, i am glad (and hoping) that you are living life. 🙂

  2. Perhaps this is a gathering and experience time- a time to breathe and dream and be in the moment.
    Enjoy every minute of dreaming, planning, doing- the rest will take care of itself 🙂

  3. Love that artwork – did you make it? That is an awesome, awesome quote/saying. Thank you.

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