celebrating the birthday girl!

“The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. Other years .. they are the ones worth celebrating.
” ― Jarod Kintz405933_10151350305036862_1276282280_n

today is my love’s birthday!! there are, of course, not enough words to adequately describe how i feel about my wife… the joy that she brings me. the deep, ever-growing love and dedication i have to her and to building & living our life together. i have always known that there is a special, bright light that shines from within lina; but, not until this past year, and perhaps not even until these past few months, have i understood just how bright and amazing and life-giving that light is. she is my hero. my inspiration. my soulmate. my partner. my best friend. and the love of my life. to be able to hold her hand, look into her eyes, laugh with her, snuggle with her, and just be in her presence fills my soul like nothing else. a few times in the past year i have literally been afraid that i might lose her, that his world might lose her. but, this amazing woman, this dreamer, this creative, loving soul, this talented and beautiful woman, held on; and the light shining from within is brightening up my life more than ever. new adventures, new moments, and new challenges await us on the horizon. and, together, with this love that we share, we journey on!

today i celebrate the day that this light, my love, was brought into the world.

happy birthday, baby! i love you!

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  1. A Big congratulation to Lina! I wish her a harpy and blessed birthday!

  2. This is so beautiful!! Happy Birthday to Lina- wishing her a new year of light, laughter, health, truth and happiness. 🙂

  3. So beautiful. The love you two have is phenomenal. I hope I can be as happy with someone as you are with Lina. <3

    Happy Birthday Lina!

    1. thanks, heather. what a super sweet and amazing compliment! you deserve the happiness & peace that you are journeying toward. and you will find it, i am certain. the secret? simply be exactly who you are. xo

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