are there rocks on your road?

in sweden (and some other countries i’ve learned as well), when it snows, they throw rocks out to make it easier to walk. the rocks make it not so slippery. usually, though, we think of rocks as roadblocks. as something that gets in our way, causes us to trip, or makes it messy. usually, we try to remove the rocks to prepare a better road. a better way. 

rocks. stones. pebbles. boulders. today, for me, they symbolize the things that stand in our way. for me, advent & christmas is the time  of year when i remember that it doesn’t have to be this way. i don’t have to be stuck. i don’t have to be afraid. or lose hope. salvation & freedom are on the way. salvation from a life that is empty, tired, uninspired, and unjust. freedom to embrace myself, accept myself, and be true to myself. this time of year serves as a reminder that i (we) have a chance to live life to the fullest. 

in my advent meditation time today, i came across a poem. it is a paraphrase of psalm 62 from the old testament, though i didn’t read it from the bible. i received a book from a spiritual friend of mine a few years ago. the author of the book re-wrote all of the 150 psalms in the bible in modern language, for modern people. it makes these beautiful, old words much more applicable and easy to understand. they are so personal. this psalm that i read today (well, i’m reading everyday & letting it soak in) had one part in it that struck me deeply this morning. it fit so beautifully with my thoughts about rocks…

how long will fear rule my life,

holding me in its grip

like a trembling child,

a dark and lonely grave?

fear keeps me from living fully, from

sharing my gifts;

it takes pleasure in imprisoning

my soul.

fear pretends to comfort, so long

has it dwelled within me;

truly it is my enemy.

~nan c. merrill

yes, those rocks. those fears. they stand in my way. but, what are they? what are the rocks that need to be cleared out from my journey in life? what are my fears?  what is holding you and me back? what keeps us from living our dreams? what keeps us from believing in ourselves, in truth, love, & peace?

it’s time to move those rocks. prepare the way. set your soul free.

live life to the fullest, my friends. peace.


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