enjoying every minute.

just a few pictures from the past few days… our snomageddon experience. since i live in the middle of the city, i haven’t had to brave the roads, trains, or buses like others (lucky me). so, it’s been beautiful. and peaceful. and most definitely christmas-y.


red us

me happy thursday out there! peace.

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  1. I love being snowed in! Unfortunately we haven’t seen any this year and last year the most we got was 2 inches! Where has our snow gone?? I guess to you!

    1. Last year we didn’t have any snow either actually. It was terrible! 🙂 I hope y’all get some flakes soon… maybe a white christmas?! of course, i’ll be in north carolina, so we most likely will not have a white christmas there. but, i guess you never know…

  2. Beautiful! Your pictures actually do make me hope for some snow over here, even though I was SUPER happy when we had temperatures in the 60s and 70s this week… in Chicago! 🙂

    1. thanks carissa! i have heard that the weather has been crazy warm all over the states. perhaps we’ll bring some snow with us when we come. 😉

  3. Those pics really make me wish I has snow, too. On the other hand, I hope your flight to the US won’t be delayed b/c of the blizzard (fingers crossed).

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