august’s full moon → vibes of completion

i can’t see the moon tonight. and to be honest with you, that always irritates me. but, that’s my reality. the cloud cover over uppsala, sweden is thick. so, i have to rely on my hokey pokey hippie juju to help me feel her presence.

it’s late right now. and i almost decided to just go to bed without writing about tonight’s full moon. i mean, i am exhausted + jet lagged. the first week of school combined with super late nights and very early mornings means that i can barely keep my eyes open.

and yet, i know that i need this time to myself. writing this post is how i can honor and tap into this full moon. how i’m can dip deep into my soul and feel all of the feels of the moment.

i’m also in an incredibly inspired mood after face-timing with my brother for an hour and a half…

so, i’m staying up to do this post. to celebrate august’s full moon in my own way.

→ → → → →

for all of those star + moon + cosmic people out there, this full moon marks the end of a cycle the began back in march. for me, i can identify with this time frame.

back in march, i moved. my love and i bought our first apartment together ( a bit unexpectedly and under a fair amount of stress), but we did it. and we are so in love with it. so, this full moon literally symbolizes the end of our first 5 -6 months in our new home. the first home we have created together that is ours.

fireworks moon family beach

tonight’s full moon is all about endings. the energy swirling around us invites us to be aware of things that may be reaching the completion. and that can be anything from relationships to jobs to feelings to homes to phases… anything at all. whatever has been is now done. it is time to make a shift, turn a corner, and prepare for a new phase.

of course, we may have no idea what it is that is waiting for us or beginning now. it could just be little seeds that are being planted in our lives. and, if you’re like me, you don’t even really know what is ending… but you feel that sense of completion all the same.

right now is the perfect time to release things of the past – beliefs, actions, people, whatever and to plant seeds for a new beginning. whatever journeys we have been on since march are now over. everything that no longer serves us, that we no longer need, will be swept away as we enter a new cycle of transformation and personal evolution.

so, for the next few days, let’s just let things be open. our minds, hearts, souls. just be open. and wait. feel the energy of change. let’s not do anything. let’s just sit in it. there is no need to hold back. it’s time to dream big and to be ready to take action.

tonight’s full moon blesses us with positivity and power and a time to celebrate where we’ve been + where we are heading. and, once again, even if we don’t know any details about what is coming, or even what is ending, that’s ok. it is what it is. and we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

so, let’s just look upward. and look inward. and let it all be.

it will all make sense as everything unfolds. for me, i feel so many endings and completions all around me. the end of summer.the completion of my vacation. the ending of my life coach training. completing the first 5 months in my new home. i feel like my transient life is over… and yet my life of travel + adventure is just beginning. i feel the completion of one phase of learning who i am and how i want to live, as i move into a whole new phase of becoming me. i feel the end of learning and the beginning seeds of teaching, guiding, and creating on my own (and with my wife). and while these thoughts are all floating around in my head, i feel nothing concrete. but, i know and trust the timing of life. all will be understood and revealed as i, as we, continue to journey on in our quest to discover who we are and how we want to live.

the time has come to listen to our souls + to step into the new. to manifest and create and up level our lives… as we grow + evolve more and more into who we really, authentically, are. tonight… let’s celebrate moving forward!

full moon blessings, wild ones.

xoxo. liz.

One thought on “august’s full moon → vibes of completion

  1. Whoa. Sometimes I feel like your words are directly aimed at me. It’s a bit unnerving but I know it’s just me taking what you’re saying personally and applying it to things going on in my life. Still, I can’t thank you enough for sharing all you do about your life and your insights (which fairly regularly blow my mind). You have given me much to think about and consider, and many questions to ponder deeply. Seriously, thank you. Also, again, it makes me so happy to know you’re in such a good place and eagerly moving forward to create the next kick ass chapter in your life. Love to you and Lina both. Xo

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