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How nature’s call to rest heals my body + my soul

“rest”. i heard my body say. “rest.” and so i did. suffering from a  late summer cold, i am home from work today. i never stay home from work. like never. but, then again, i’m actually not sick that often. (knock on wood). monday…

28 Aug 2019
the week that was series

The week that I started embodying me

It’s still January and I feel like the lessons just keep coming. It’s not that I am having any great revelations or anything. No major insights or world-changing, mind-blowing moments of clarification have occurred. And, yet, something is happening. I feel it. The lessons…

20 Jan 2019

What it means to be of benefit in a f*cked up world

The world is fucked up. I’ll admit it.   Now, if you know me, you know that I have a sunny disposition. That I find the hope + positivity in every single damn thing. So, admitting or stating that the world is anything but…

17 May 2017
the moon

The full moon that made me trust myself again

Though there is snow on the ground, I can feel it in the air. Spring. It is not here yet, nor will it be soon, but it is as if I can feel the earth waking up. Stretching. Beginning to make small movements. The…

11 Mar 2017