back where i come from

you know, i was planning on doing a big wrap-up post at the end of my beach vacation with the family, but i realized that i will not have time to doing blogging once i get home. why, you ask? because we arrive home on sunday night and on tuesday morning we head to sweden for a month (WOO HOO!) – so, monday will be filled with laundry, organizing, and packing! instead of one big post, i’ve decided that i’ll do updates whenever i can – this might be my only post, but it might not be. who knows… you just gotta stay tuned!

our vacation is happening at atlantic beach, north carolina – a place that my family calls “home”. not only because we have always vacationed here together – since i was 10! – but, also because one of our ancestors was the keeper of the cape lookout lighthouse, one of the famous NC lighthouses. he was keeper in the mid-1800s, the first one actually. he raised his family on these NC islands, known as the outer banks. and, ever since, my family has been represented here and connected to this part of the state in one way or another. so, when i say that this place feels like home, i really mean it. there is just something special that we all feel when we are here.

as i know i have said before at some point, being here is one of the constants in my life. it is just a magical, grounded, completely centered feeling that i have when i stare out at the great, big, wide atlantic ocean – a feeling of belonging and peace. and, of course, fun!

so, here’s what we’ve been up to since we arrived on sunday: fun, food, drinks, sand, surf, laughter, & fireworks. the week has started off with a bang – and it just keeps getting better.

atlantic beach northcarolina


fireworks fireworks-beach atlantic beach fireworks.

peace & love. from me to you. xx

0 thoughts on “back where i come from

  1. Great photos! Looks like a beautiful place!
    You renting a house or is it a family place?
    A month away… gosh asheville is going to miss you girls!

    1. It is so, beautiful here, Holly. We’re loving every minute. It’s a place that my aunt and uncle have rented, and graciously have invited lina and i to sleep here! My parents’ home is about 5 minutes away, as well as my uncle and his wife, and my cousin and her little family. So, those of us who are sleeping oceanfront are the ones who don’t live at the beach. 🙂 Lucky us!!

      We will miss Asheville so much, but it’ll be great to visit Sweden! And it’s fun to think about coming back home again after being away for so long – it’ll make us fall in love all over again. 🙂

  2. Allt ser väldigt rätt och härligt ut! Hoppas Skeppsgården blir lika mysig!

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