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hi friends! happy monday to you, wherever you are. i am a lucky girl this week because i am at atlantic beach (north carolina) with my family for our annual reynolds beach week. right now, it’s early in the morning and i’m sitting on my cozy, fluffy bed with my love snoozing beside me. a few family members have just begun stirring, so i know that soon ¬†i will smell the first whiffs of the morning’s coffee. birds are chirping on the porch and the ocean waves are crashing right outside my window. i can see the sun’s rays peeking through between the blinds, so i know that it will be a glorious day.

before arriving here this week, though, i had an amazing weekend Рfilled with sharing moments with friends in our beautiful, funky asheville. the city was showing off its summer finest with a free concert downtown (that happens monthly in the summer) on friday and a super fun solstice/birthday celebration on saturday at a local brewery. it was classic summer goodness.

here’s a peek from my weekend in amazing asheville and a few first night with the family shots from here at the beach:

IMG_3977 IMG_3983 IMG_3996 IMG_3999 IMG_4001 IMG_4016 IMG_4012 IMG_4014 IMG_4027 IMG_4036 IMG_4044 IMG_4057

you know, surrounded by so much beauty, so many friends, and such a fantastic family – both here and in sweden, and the most amazing wife whom i adore, my life is so full. i give thanks from the bottom of my heart – and i cherish every single, simple, hilarious, beautiful moment.

peace and love. xx

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