belovelive: the playlist!

from my photo gig for the band, blackbyrd.

well, you guys really stepped it up.

the other day i asked for some of your favorite music; and today, thanks to all of your suggestions, is the premiere of the belovelive playlist! it is an unbelievably eclectic playlist inspired by you all, from all over the world. and i think that is awesome!! you guys have amazing taste in music. it’s all over the place, and i love that.

it has taken me a while to sample & find all of the music that you suggested, but… mission accomplished! and i am so excited. if you want to join in, and if your country has spotify, then i warmly welcome (and encourage you!) to subscribe to the playlist (click hereΒ to subscribe or just click play above). you can even add to it, if you’d like. if you don’t have spotify, and are interested in knowing more just contact me or check the comments from my blog post from the other day.

so, now, my dear blog friends, i thank you deeply… for sharing a little of yourselves with me. it truly means a lot and i’m looking forward to many, many hours of amazing music. oh, how i love the blog world!

rock on. peace.

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  1. Hi Liz~

    Well, I happen to run Linux- so did a little finessing to get Spotify to load. But, alas- I don’t have FB & really don’t want it- so no playlist here. I’m surprised you can’t just have a Spotify account?

    Could you possibly just give a list here of the songs you chose?


    1. ugh. that is so frustrating. in the beginning spotify had nothing to do with Facebook. oh well. as for the list, i included EVERY song, at least every one i could find, which was most of them! so, just take a peek at everyone’s list & make your own! πŸ™‚

  2. I may yet end up with a FB acct (for my new biz), but there’s always just been something intrusive about it to me. Spotify has allowed the good folks of Germany to NOT have to have FB- I believe they need to re-think the strong-arm tactics & just offer FB to everyone, not force-feed it. Imho.


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