Blogmas: Why the 21 days left in 2021 are the perfect time to make a habit

My love just reminded me that Christmas Eve is 2 weeks from today. Wow! That’s crazy. And we are essentially at the midpoint of Blogmas already. But, the most mind-blowing and magical thing about today is that there are 21 days left in 2021. And that give us the perfect opportunity to create a new habit.

They say that it takes 21 days to make a new habit – that’s why when I discovered this morning that we have exactly 21 days left in the year, I knew that this was the post meant for today.

To be honest, I really don’t like the word “habit”. It has a negative connotation for me for some reason. It makes me think about being stuck, in a rut, or simply bad habits. We ‘re always trying to “fix ourselves” , to get rid of whatever bad habits we have. And that just means that we spend a lot of time thinking about what’s wrong with us and what we need to get rid of, stop doing, quit, or change.

And while releasing, cleansing, and shedding the things that don’t serve us anymore is a really good practice, the idea of getting rid of bad habits just makes me feel like I’m bad. Releasing is one thing. That is healthy transformation, evolution, and change that prepares us to move forward. Getting rid of a bad habit is simply saying I’m doing something wrong and I need to stop doing that thing. It focuses on the negative. Are you following me? What I think the difference is between the two?

In any case, the word habit is just not my favorite. I much prefer to think about practices. That, to me, connotes growing, moving forward, developing, becoming. And if anything is true, it is that we are becoming who we are meant to be throughout our entire life. Becoming is life.

But, if we want to play a conscious role in our becoming, in creating the life that we want, in finding a deeper meaning, in ascending to a higher consciousness, and in unearthing our own medicine + a sense of grounded inner peace, then forming habits and practices that nurture our growth are just the thing to propel us forward and help us live with a sense of purpose + hope.

I like to refer to those habits that aid us in becoming as spiritual practices. To be clear, a spiritual practice is not meant to be only for the religious. It is simply a habit that helps all of us be mindful + present. And, while there are specific spiritual practices used within religions, I believe that it is up to each one of us individually to discover, try, and create our own practice. We get to choose what habit we want to introduce into our lives.

And so, I propose that today, Friday, we all commit to creating a new habit to practice for the last 21 days of 2021.

What do you say? Are you with me? Is this something you need or want?

Now, in choosing a habit, it is important to think about what we want to bring into our lives. What kind of energy, feeling, mood to we want and/or need? What do we want to call in and how do we want to grow? What do we need right now?

And then, it’s it also important to think about those things that bring us good energy, feelings of calm and peace, a sense of grounded-ness and inspiration. From all of this, with our own individual personalities and hopes and desires, then we can decide on a new habit to practice for the rest of the year.

Just so you know, there are no rules for habits, in my opinion. Anything can become a habit. As long as it is something that we feel committed to practice as a daily ritual.

Here are a bunch of habits – but know that the list is endless and the sky is the limit. It’s up to you to decide what your soul craves time + space for every single day:

Meditating 10 min every day. Journaling. Creating a nighttime/bedtime routine. Coffee at the kitchen table in the morning. Yoga. A short walk or run outside. Writing. Deep breathing. An afternoon nap. Drawing or sketching. Writing a gratitude list. Reading a passage from a book. Taking a photo or a video. Eating breakfast. Saying yes. Saying no. Dedicated time for prayer. Reading tarot or oracle cards. Taking a shower. Creating art. Cooking. Making a daily intentions list. Organizing your home (one space at a time). Morning pages.

Whatever habit you choose or create is whatever you need. So, make the rest of 2021 extra magical by creating a little space for a new habit. Do not, however, in any way, put pressure on yourself. If you feel that this is “just one more thing”, skip it. Or reassess what habit your soul really craves.

So, with only 21 days left – and 21 days make a habit – perhaps we can use this time as a portal in which we can leave behind this year and prepare for the new one. Imagine going into 2022 feeling grounded, calm, and hopeful – certain that life, even with its disappointments, challenges, and pandemics, will continue to unfold and evolve. And we are invited to flow with it all.

Take some time today to listen to your soul + unearth the habit, the practice, that your soul needs to help you flow into the new year.

I’ll let you know tomorrow what I decide my habit, my spiritual practice, will be. I’m excited!

xoxo. liz.

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