Blogmas: Why we need a day of rest to care for ourselves

When I woke this morning, the sun was almost up. That means that it was after 8 am! And that is something very rare in my life, since I’m such an early riser. And, with Blogmas going on, I have made it a cozy practice to wash my face, get my coffee, and sit down and write before 7am. But, today, I decided that I needed a day of rest. It was time for me spend a long, cozy morning just caring for myself.

So, it’s almost lunchtime and I am just now sitting down to write to you all. And, I must say, it feels so good to have switched it up a little today. One, because I most definitely needed the sleep. But, also, it has been good to prioritize little things that have given me a chance to fill my soul.

With that said, I’m keeping it super short today because I am reserving this whole day to myself. To living and moving slowly all day long, giving myself permission to really rest and reset before a new week begins.

So far today, I have washed my face, opened my crystal Advent calendar. and listened to a podcast. That’s it. My plans for the rest of the day include more self care practices, books + music for inspiration, maybe another podcast, and a sofa-movie date with my love. That’s pretty much it. We’ll see what else happens as the day unfolds.

We are moving ever closer to the winter solstice, to a shift in energy, to the Christmas holiday, and to the end of the year. It is the perfect time right now to practice dropping into a deeply restorative mindset. I know there is much to do and much to think about and worry about, but our minds, bodies, and spirits – our souls – need a little downtime every week. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Just time to rest, reset, and restore.

We cannot serve, help, take care of, or inspire others when we are empty. We must fill our souls. I know that it often feels selfish and/or lazy, but a day of rest, a day of reconnecting with ourselves, really is the key to finding a bit of balance and inspiration.

So, give yourself permission this holiday season to find some time every week for a day of rest. It doesn’t have to be a day of doing nothing, just a day that fills your soul instead of drains it.

Wishing you cozy, calm Sunday vibes, loves.

xoxo. liz.

By the way, the habit/practice that I am doing for the last 21 (now, 20!) days of 2021 is simple. I’m not going to go right into writing every morning. After waking, the first time I am going to do is to set aside some time to meditate or read. Something to ground + fill me. So that the first focus I have is to begin my day anchored + centered. When I started blogmas, I replaced my usual meditation time with writing, so now I’m putting my meditation time back in, before writing. Did you decide on a habit or practice?

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  1. I’ve decided on meditation as well. I’ve let that practice slip a bit lately and I’m noticing how it effects my day. Starting the day off in silience, grounding and centering myself is no longer a nice to have but a necessity. thanks as always for your shares. x

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