celebrating five years of marriage!

while most of you celebrate boxing day or annandag jul (sweden’s second day of christmas) or simply rest up from all of the holiday festivities, my love + i are celebrating our marriage today. that’s right, december 26th is our anniversary!

this year, we celebrate five years of marriage! i can’t believe it has been 5 years already. time flies by, and each year gets better + better. we have been tested through tough times, and have been blessed many, many times over with a life of pure joy, bliss, + adventure. we were married in sweden on a cold, snowy, gorgeous day. have made our homes in sweden and in north carolina, traveled to many countries, met tons of new people, and enjoyed special moments with those who have been in our lives as long as we can remember. yes, we have built a beautiful life together. i have never been happier than any + all of the days that i have shared with my dear lina. she is my best friend, my soul, my ass-kicker, my inspiration, and my absolute everything.

the past year has been a beautiful one, with so many shared memories. and, to honor, the amazing every day moments that we have lived + the incredible, overwhelming adventures we have experienced, i’ve created some collages of us, showing some of our memories throughout the year. my heart is so full!

collage 2014 my love and me 4 collage 2014 my love and me 2 collage 2014 my love and me 1 collage 2014 my love and me 3 collage 2014 my love and me 5

happy anniversary, my love!  here’s to many, many more!!


light + love xoxo

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  1. So happy for the two of you that you found each other. You have had quite the ride so far, and it looks like things continue to change/progress in your journey together. May the next 5 be even better!

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