mountain girl

TEN on TEN | january 2015

a photo challenge for 2015 | ten on ten

let’s get this party started

sometimes all over the place is exactly where you are supposed to be

happy new year from us!

a day of rest

together for christmas: an american xmas day

together for christmas: a swedish christmas eve

celebrating five years of marriage!

christmas day is here!

merry christmas eve: bringing sweden to the states

little christmas + the end of an era

everyday life update: preparing to be an expat again + holiday cheer

everyone loves a {christmas} parade

friday night brewery tour

words for the weekend

i’m a pro at building castles in the air

serenity + insanity

november’s last yellow light

’tis the season for carrying on old christmas traditions + creating new ones


so grateful for it all

asheville + music + me

cold mountain winter ale is back! and i went to the release party!

the beauty of the everyday

a driving tour of haunted asheville

the mountains are calling… and i must go.

be the king of your life


the day that love came to north carolina

the adventures of a girl in love with autumn

70th perfection

hanging out together

balancing the everyday

making time for my love

school supplies + coffee + nesting at home + breweries

empty nesters

back to the beach

friends & family are what it’s all about

and so summer begins!

the swedish invasion


nickel creek in asheville!

liz & lina’s tips for a cozy balcony makeover in a day.

10 things only people from asheville understand.

sensory overload. part 11. (or, i love being a tour guide!)

sensory overload: part 6.