create + collaborate // celebrating a year’s worth of music

it’s music time, friends!

if you’ll recall, i put a little call out to everyone to collaborate with me on this year’s september playlist.

well, many of you here + on Facebook responded with fun, fresh suggestions,  and since there is only 1.5 days left in august, and since i am so excited,  i thought it’d be great to release the completed playlist right now.

we’ve got songs from my playlists throughout the past year and new songs from you – some of your favorites that mean something special to you. so it’s a perfect blend of closing out my year-long playlist project and beginning something new.

a little background info

this time last year, i sat down with my computer, opened spotify, and began searching + discovering new music. some of it came from artists that i knew and loved, but most of it was new. i hadn’t really decided on a theme, but just went with the feel and the sound. well, i suppose you could say that my theme was “turning 40”.

since i was turning the big 4-0 last september, and super excited about that actually (because my 30s were so much greater than my 20s, i am only assuming that my 40s will kick my 30s ass!), i decided that i’d mark that milestone by creating + sharing a playlist of music that inspired me to reflect on who i had become and where i was headed.

it was the perfect excuse to take some time out to really dig deep + think about my life – and to do that through the gift of music, often a place where i find i can express how i feel better than with written words, or even images. yes, it was going to be a spiritual  discipline for me – to find and soak up music, to let it teach me, encourage me, guide me, and remind me of who i am + where i am going.

i searched though bluegrass, indie folk, folk, americana music, starting with titles from the avett brothers, first aid kit, joni mitchell, and nickel creek (all long-time favorites of mine). by exploring similar music, discovering new artists, and focusing on titles that spoke to me, i stumbled upon music that touched my soul, lyrics that felt as if they were written for me at that specific time in my life, and inspiration that left me feeling blessed and motivated.

i knew right then that this would not simply be a playlist to celebrate the month that i turned 40, but that it would become a year-long project. one of creating + uncovering so much music that i could barely contain myself. so started sharing it all with you.

fast forward to today

here we are a year later. i am about to turn 41, and the year is complete. it has been one crazy year for me. and so far, 40 has not disappointed me one little bit. the thing is, i know, i feel, that i am just on the cusp of much, much more. and you know what else? i believe that all of the music that i have gathered + shared throughout this past year has helped to give me to voice and the courage to embrace the life that i truly feel called to. 

as i close out this most amazing, breathtaking, ridiculously busy and challenging year, i am so happy to do it through music, with you.

so, here we go. the playlist that we created together. eeeeeeek! (click on the photo below to be taken to the playlist on spotify!) or just click –> here.

sept playlist 2015

happy happy september to you all – it’s my favorite month of the year. thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this journey with me over the past year. here’s to more music, more inspiration, and more of living life to the fullest!

onwards + upwards!! xoxo
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2 thoughts on “create + collaborate // celebrating a year’s worth of music

  1. What a lovely idea, to celebrate all year.I’ve enjoyed so much participating with you on your journey. 🙂 Happy birthday, a little early.

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.


    1. Thank you, sweet Kate! I am so very glad to have some your your songs on this playlist. 🙂 Light + love to yous.

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