let’s make sweet music together: starting september’s playlist right now!

you thought i was done with my year-long spotify playlist project, didn’t you? well, with this post i am here to say that “i am not yet done!”.

think of this an an encore. 

for my birthday month (september), to completely close out this playlist journey, i want to make one more playlist. but, i want to make it with you! together we are going to connect + create + collaborate.

spotify has this nifty little thing that allows you to choose to make a playlist collaborative, meaning that anyone can add any song to a specific playlist. fun, huh?

well, i have already created september’s playlist called 41 | september // connect + create. but, i have only added 5 songs. the rest of the playlist will be made by YOU.

now, i know that none of us have tons of time to go through tons of music and re-listen to all of the playlists that i made over the past year. but, i was thinking that, if you have a song that has touched you or has stuck in your head or has become your favorite, from one of my previous playlists, then you could simply add it to this new playlist. that way, we gather together all of our favorites from the past year and we’ve made a community playlist.

i simply love this idea – and i truly, deeply hope that you can add a song or two. you even have the creative license to add a song that is not in any of my playlists, but that is one that moves + excites + touches you.

don’t have spotify? no worries!

if you do not have spotify and still want to join in on the collaboration, then simply leave me a comment below with the title and artist of your contribution. i’d love to add it!

(re)release on september 1st!

and, just so you know, after the list is complete and september begins, i will (re)release the playlist (which you will already have access to since it is already available now) in a blog post with a big celebration. of course, i will also provide you with all of the title + artist names in the blog post too.

and you all will have given me the most amazing birthday gift – the gift of community + music.

in the photo below you will find all that you need to know. so, just click on it to be directed to my profile on spotify. there you can find the newest playlist, the one that we are creating together (41 | september 15 // connect + create), and all of the other 12 playlists from the past year. it’s as easy as adding one, two, five songs. whatever you feel like! i cannot wait to see what your favorites were and what songs touched your soul.

september 2015 playlist

later on, overtime, as i listen to this playlist, i will literally sit and think of each of you… and that just gives me warm fuzzier all over. this is so exciting to me because, not only is music important to me, but the interactions that i have had with many of you throughout the year, as you have sent me messages and subscribed to my playlists, has touched me more than you can ever know.

you all are so unique and beautiful and inspiring, i didn’t just want to keep you and this community all to myself. i wanted us to become a big, creative community together. and let then that be the jumping off point to take us into the next 12 months of music together!

ready? set? you’ve got 2 weeks… go! happy music hunting! 

onwards + upwards! xoxo

5 thoughts on “let’s make sweet music together: starting september’s playlist right now!

  1. Hi Liz,

    I love your idea and got involved right away early this morning. I tried to add my favorites from this year that I thought best fitted your list assembled and then I wanted to add a few of my personal favorites that I think fitness on this monthly list. I hope you like them.

    This is exciting. Good and healing thoughts to you.


    1. I saw the songs you added – they are perfect. And I am so excited that you joined in and love the idea. Thank you so much! Light and love to yous. xx

  2. Not fitness… fitted. I dont know what to say about autocorrect. I am going to have to figure out how to turn that off.

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