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  • culture

    my year in music

    it’s no big secret that i love music. and i listen to it – a lot. especially on spotify – a music app for your computer and/or mobile device. it’s a streaming service, which…

    14 Dec 2014
  • asheville culture

    nickel creek in asheville!

    it’s been almost 2 weeks since my love and i got to share a super, great, amazing evening. i’ve been dying to write about it and share it with you all – but, to…

    29 Apr 2014
  • be lbgtqai+

    a procrastinating post.

    possibilities. i have some things that i need to be doing right now. and blogging is not one of them. but, i don’t want to do those other things. i want to blog. i…

    8 Nov 2011