day 19: a favorite place.

i live in the middle of the city, so the few trees that line the streets or are dotted around the parks mean a lot to me. whenever i get a chance i stop, look up, and take a deep breath. there’s something about a tree  that grounds me, makes me feel at home, makes me feel safe, makes everything simple, and puts everything in perspective. i feel complete. connected. whole. i remember what’s important, what’s true: nature. beauty. family. breath. air. faithfulness.  yes, i get all of that from a tree, the living example of the circle of life and the true teacher of the art of being.

find a tree somewhere this weekend. stand under it. let it envelop you. look up. soak in its grandeur, majesty, and simplicity. observe what it does, it’s purpose. just let the tree teach you whatever it has you teach you in that moment. enjoy the beauty of the moment.

wishing you peace from under a tree.

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