day 30: my personality.

“why am i as i am? to understand that of any person, his whole life, from birth must be reviewed. all of our experiences fuse into our personality. everything that ever happened to us is an ingredient.”  ~ malcolm x

people, this was not easy. i realized today i didn’t have a good grip on what my personality is like… at least from other peoples’ viewpoint. i mean, i know what i think i’m like, but how do i appear to others? what do others really think of me? how do they see me? and even more confusing, how do i take a picture of my personality? what kind of image do i use?

in order to solve this problem, i did what any good married chick would do… i asked my wife: lina, if you could describe my personality in a word or 2 or 3, which ones would you choose? well, she gave me an answer. a beautiful, humbling, wonderful answer. should i list the words here?

loving. caring. patient. listener.


i wonder, though, what would others say? but, more importantly, what would i say about myself? how do i see myself? and does how i see myself line up with how others see me, or am i living in some fantasy world in my head, thinking that i am one way while i actually appear a completely different way to others? who do i want to be? how do i want to be seen? something to ponder a while…

well, after wondering all day, i finally found some pictures that i decided to use for my image for my personality. i think it’s how i see myself, and i hope that it’s how others see me too, in one way or another.

peaceful. loving. calm. relaxed. independent. introvert.

“the most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. you trade in your reality for a role. you trade in your sense for an act. you give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. there can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. it’s got to happen inside first.” ~ jim morrison

what do you think? how do you see me? how do you see yourself? how would you describe your personality? how would you capture it in an image?

it feels like a night for reflecting & just being. wishing you some moments just to be with yourself. peace.

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  1. i’d say she was pretty much right on!!! and add “having great ability to inspire”…. love to you both.

  2. Cool! I never really did a personality test, but I have a hard time finding one type that matches me best, to be honest with you.

    1. i didn’t do a personality test, just thought about myself & came up with my own words. i don’t think i’d fit into one category from a personality test either. 😉

  3. Well Liz, here’s what my counsellor suggested doing when I questioned how we find who we really are: you imagine that it’s your 80th birthday & all of your friends & family have gathered to celebrate. Each one stands up, in turn, to describe you, how you are & what you mean to them.

    These descriptions of you, ARE you- even after you remove the people who are saying them. It’s an insight into how you see yourself- because you are expressing what you think others would say based on how you see you. That’s the gist, anyway… 🙂

  4. tracy, that is such a cool exercise! i’m gonna have to find some time to think about that, imagine it, and see what i come up with. thanks for sharing the tip. 🙂 i’ll let you know what i come up with.

  5. Don’t forget to look into co-dependency- especially if you find yourself gaining a whole lot of happiness doing for others (while depleting or ignoring yourself?). Even if you don’t do this now- it can happen in time. Just sayin’- not forecasting! 🙂

  6. I have recently had some experiences of people understanding things I said in a completely different way than I meant them, which makes me think that I perceive myself differently than others perceive me if they can misinterpret me like that. Or do they perceive themselves differently than I perceive them because of who I am, thinking that others process life the same way I do, when the reality is that we are the product of our life experiences, and theirs being so different from my own leads to this totally different perspective than mine?

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