you will get there.

pic from pinterest.

 you know, sometimes you don’t know which way to go. and sometimes you know exactly which way to go. sometimes you know exactly where you are, and sometimes you feel lost and overwhelmed. sometimes you feel like you’re drowning. sometimes you feel like you’re floating. sometimes things look up, and sometimes things look bleak. sometimes you feel hope. sometimes you feel despair. and sometimes you feel everything all at once.

but, one thing i know for sure. one way or another, life goes on. life gets better. i also know that feeling however we feel is exactly what we need to do. but the one thing that i am the most sure of, is to take life one day at a time, one moment at a time even. soak in those glorious, soul-touching moments and breathe through those scary, painful ones. one day at a time. one breath at a time.

one way or another, we’ll keep moving forward. we’ll keep living life and becoming more & more of who we were created to be.

peace for your journey today, wherever it may take you.

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  1. Beautiful words, Liz. You are always right on the money on putting deep thoughts and ideas into words. Such a simple concept yet I couldn’t have said it any better than you just did.

    I have a request to ask of you.. would be willing, by any chance, to do a post or a series of posts about your own journey to inner self peace? Of course I am assuming you have it, because you seem like such a peaceful person and I can’t see you NOT teaching what you preach. I really admire that.

    If you do happen to do that, I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one happily reading your beautiful writings. (:

    1. Wow, Heather. What an amazing request! and perhaps perfect timing for me. I have been thinking about & wanting to write a memoir for a while now, but just can’t seem to get started. I suppose I could begin writing it here, and your request may just be the push to get me started on writing down my quest for inner peace. Thank you for asking and for encouraging me! I will think & meditate on it, and then begin!!

      Just so you know, I believe that the desire & the quest for inner peace means that you are already on the road. 🙂

      1. Well like I said, I would love to read about it. (: As you probably guessed I’m struggling with this particular thing and I’m interested to hear about your own journey. So I hope you do decide to do it. And thank you, for the words of encouragement. (:

    1. Thank you Sarah! The photo is taken from someone’s board on Pinterest. You can click on the photo to get the link. I actually have no idea where it was taken. And it very well could be photoshopped, I suppose. But, the image spoke to me. Most of the pics on my blog are my own, but every now and then I grab something from Pinterest that is inspiring. 🙂

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