day 7: someone who inspires you.

a bunch of people inspire me. but, on this day, there is a large group of people who inspire me for a very specific reason…

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tomorrow, tuesday the 8th, is a voting day in nc. the above poster is one urging people to vote against an amendment to the north carolina constitution. it is a amendment which would define marriage as only between one man and one woman, thus eliminating any hope of nc becoming a state that celebrates & recognizes same-sex marriage. now, get this. the proposed amendment is not even necessary, because same-sex marriages are already illegal in nc. it is simply going a step further and adding a clause which would write in discrimination. hear that? nc would be a state that, in 2012, wants to add more discrimination to their laws.

not only does the amendment ban any hope of the recognition of same-sex marriage, but it also messes with other rights, involving citizens who have nothing to do with this marriage equality issue. it’s a bad amendment all the way around.

so, who inspires me? all of those people who haven voted already and wiill show up to vote tomorrow AGAINST this amendment. these are people voicing their support for equality & justice for all people. these are the people who refuse to take part creating a states with more discrimination than already exists. these are the people who inspire me today.

we’ll see what happens after tomorrow. will the amend meant pass or not? after last week’s vote against LGBT inclusiveness in the church, my little heart can only take so much. for now, all i can do is wait. and tell everyone from nc to VOTE NO for amendment one.

peace and equality? is it really too much to ask for?

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  1. Hoping and praying with you. I was so disappointed by my church last week. But I sent the picture of that open letter I posted (twice 🙂 ) on your wall to my aunt who is a Methodist minister in Austria. She said she’ll gladly use it for her religion classes. X

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