i’m a travelin’ girl.

this week is crazy. i’m traveling all over sweden for meetings & such with my job. i’m only gone for the day (mostly), which is really good ‘cuz i love sleepin’ in my bed. but, still, it’s a lot. there are a few good things about traveling so much, though… =)

train rides. you know i love them. amazing spring weather (at least today) with blue skies & green trees. and new cities/places to see. and surprise starbucks finds!

well, it’s the end of a long monday now, and i’m on the 2nd of 3 trains on my way home. yay. almost there. (see ya soon, my love!)







hope your monday has been sunny in one way or another, if even for only a moment.


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    1. blogging is therapy for me, so it’s just become part of my day. it’s like breathing and i find so much peace when i write. i’m so lucky to have some of you who actually read. 😉

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