eat carrots when you can’t figure it out.

ugh. i’ve been trying to write this blog post all freaking day. and i have had all freaking day to write because it’s a red day here in sweden = we don’t work or go to school. it’s a holiday! what holiday, you ask? kristi himmelfärdsdag. otherwise known as ascension day, in english. and what exactly is that many of you may wonder… well, that was one of the things i was going to write about. i’ve had this little blog post about abandonment rolling around in my head since sunday, but it’s just not making it out of my  head and through to my fingers so i can type my thoughts. the other thing i was going to write about was how i’m going to spend this long weekend. well, my plans, at least. and you know how plans go… hehe. but the plan is to be spontaneous! love that.

so. here i am. it’s almost 8pm. ascension day is almost over & i’ve written nothing. and i still don’t feel like doing it. or i feel like it, but not in the same post as my plans for the weekend. i was trying to link the two subjects together in my head all day, but they don’t connect. at least not right now, for me. they need to be separate. and i’m feeling unmotivated to write.

instead, of working on my two blog posts, though, i’m sitting at the kitchen table, eating carrots and peanut butter, still thinking about ascension day, singing along with queen (bohemian rhapsody), and waiting for our friends from ireland to arrive!!! perhaps i’ll fix 2 blog posts before the night is over. but, for now… it’s a jumbled mess in my head. hmpf.


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  1. I avoided the computer like the plaugue this week because I didn’t know what to write about. I had ideas rolling around in my head and couldn’t quite put them together, like you. It’s good that you faced it head on though! I see you wrote another post, I’m going to read it now, I hope it all came together for you nicely! Cheers!

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