you ordered a mini-vacation? comin’ right up!

we’ve got a 5 day weekend! time to sit back and relax. time to do things that i don’t have time to do otherwise. like paint my nails. hang out in nature. stay up late & sleep late.  just be… and there’s gonna be plenty of fun and “being” together also during this mini-vacation. we’ve got friends coming to visit! our friend, n, and her boyfriend are flying in tonight from ireland ( n is swiss & now lives in ireland.) they’ll be here from tonight until monday. woo hoo!!! it’s been almost 3 years since we’ve seen n, so it will be so great to see each other! we keep in touch fairly often through the power of the internet, but there’s nothing like sitting together over a glass of wine or a pint of beer and talking about anything & everything. coooozy. and you never know what else may happen or where we might find ourselves… oh, the joys of spontaneity!

so, here’ wishing all of you a cozy, fun, summer-y weekend. drink in every drop of every moment & share some love!


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