good news.

after 5 and a half months, i have completed my swedish for immigrants classes! yeah! it has been an amazing time, with an amazing opportunity to meet some friends from all over the world that i know i will keep for life. and, of course, a chance to learn swedish. hehe. i can’t believe i am done. gaaahhh. i am so lucky. i’ve had so much support and so many opportunities to learn. but, it’s done. i’ve accomplished this first goal. and i’m on my way to truly being bi-lingual (which will still take some time). yep. at the age of 36, i have learned a second language! what next?! well, i’m gonna keep going to classes until june 22. then i’m headed to the STATES!!! and when we get back, i’m hopefully gonna continue my internship. i’ve also registered for an intensive swedish class for the fall, but we’ll see if i go or not. perhaps i still have an internship, or… well, who knows what else might come along. but, today. today i’m excited that i’ve completed SFI!!

ett stort TACK till alla mina svenska vänner/familj!

peace everyone!

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  1. COngrats! I am not a language learner by heart. science/maths yes… languages no! So I am always so impressed by people with two under the belt! Keep it up, you obviously have an amazing reason to do so!

    1. Thanks!! It’s exciting, frustrating, & fun all at the same time. And it feels so good to finally really be able to know my wife’s home language!

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