fav pics of fav places.

the challenge was to find a favorite picture. but, i, of course could not find A favorite picture… but several. and i stuck with a theme. some of my favorite instagram pictures that i have taken of favorite places. here we go…

a sunset of where i come from in north carolina. atlantic beach.

one of the best cities anywhere. asheville.

 my family & my parents’ home at atlantic beach.

 i heart nyc.

my love having morning coffee at one of my fav places (again where i am from).

the big apple.

 my love & i in funky, hippie, artsy asheville.

i left my heart in all three of these places: atlantic beach, asheville, and nyc.  fav places. fav photos. can’t wait to have a chance to snap some new pics on my next trip home. i am suffering from some serious homesickness these days. but, it’ll make my next trip even that much sweeter.

peace, love, & life.

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  1. Know the feeling! Got a letter of my sis the other day and nearly broke out in tears. But July is coming. Hoping there’s a trip somewhere waiting for you too. X

    1. i know you are so looking forward to your trip home!! and then, when you get back it’s almost no time till the wedding!! 🙂 unfortunately for me, there is not trip home waiting for me. perhaps at christmas, but no trips are planned. that’s always really hard… not knowing when we can go. but, we do have a trip to ireland planned!! 🙂 love you.

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