summer solstice!

 palm trees in greece. last october we spent a week on the island of rhodes.

happy first day of summer, people! i realize that the solstice was technically yesterday, but i’m celebrating on the day between the actual longest day of the year (yesterday) and the swedish celebration of midsummer (tomorrow). ahhh.. the season is finally here. and while i have no plans of heading home to north carolina during the summer (our hearts are breaking), i fully intend to soak up the sun, the light, and the warmth when & wherever i can find it!

i am looking forward to a summer in europe. geez. how bad does that sound? i can’t complain, huh? on the horizon are a couple of trips: stockholm for some days (you have no idea how amazing stockholm is on a sunny summer’s day. or maybe you do!). ireland for an amazing wedding. a week at a camp in the swedish archipelago (that’s work. but, once again, i get paid to be at camp. ain’t bad, right?). and perhaps a few days in lübeck, germany (we’re saving a trip to visit a friend in berlin for the fall). all in all, squeezing in a few trips here & there sounds fantastic. just what i need to help keep my mind off of missing my family in the states. it’s all about living life exactly where you are anyway, isn’t it? because there’s always something beautiful, something to learn, something to soak up.

as for today, i plan on spending as much of it outside as i can. sweden has given us a beautifully sunny & warm day! first, a little lunch at home. then, some shopping at an outdoor veggie market – fresh strawberries on tap for midsummer’s celebrations tomorrow, and finally some relaxing time with my amazing, mesmerizing wife. oh yeah. gotta do a little work when i get home tonight… more midsummer preparations. yes, i am working on midsummer. but, it’s a joy to get to do what i do. i’m giving a short, inspirational talk at the celebration. think, blog post, only out loud and in public. gonna be great, i hope. wish me luck preparing something inspirational! not that i’m without inspiration… with it now being summer & gorgeous outside.

ok. time to stop typing & get busy soaking up the summer sun.

happy summer solstice, my dear readers! sending you sunshine & peace.

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