oh geez am i imperfect. in so many ways. and, i really let my imperfections shine during the past 2 days. let me share…

on monday i had planned to sleep in, recover, & recuperate from the weekend. in taking it easy i thought it’d be no problem to run down to the cellar a couple of times during the morning to do 2 very necessary loads of laundry: one load of clothes & one load of bed linens. no problem at all, right?

wrong. i opened the laundry room door with the key, set my apartment keys down, and worked on starting the first load. i then set my alarm, picked up my apartment keys, walked out and shut the automatically-locking laundry room door. precisely as i was pushing the door shut, my brain registered that i did not have the laundry key in my hand. but, it was too late. the message did not make it from my brain to my arm in time, and i closed the door. damn.

nice job, liz. my clothes, sheets (which were now being washed), & the key were locked inside. so, i spent the next 2ish hours contacting the landlord & the building supervisor in as many creative ways as possible. i will give myself some serious swedish points for the research i did & the swedish that i spoke in order to find some phone numbers. we finally worked it out and figured out how to solve the problem of the key. though my sheets would be sitting in the washer all wet & gross for about 8 hours before i could save them.

ugh. my crazy forgetfulness.

perhaps i redeemed myself a little, though, by getting the tv all taken care of yesterday. perhaps?

well, as a result of the tv now being all connected & put up (thanks to lina’s dad hanging it on the wall!), i have had a second imperfection take the lead today: my procrastinating laziness. again, i blame the tv. and because yesterday was way more insane than i intended it to be, i still had not really recovered from the weekend, so i decided to take it easy, really easy all day. i woke up early, but i didn’t get out of bed until lunchtime: well, i got out to make some breakfast & such, but i stayed there, with the new tv on, my computer in my lap, and enjoyed just being with myself.

this afternoon, i napped. finally, much later on, i made a trip to the grocery store & finished the laundry: with no locking the key in! yay!

i did break sweden’s no. 2 rule today: if it’s sunny, you must go outside. and if it’s warm & sunny, you must stay outside for as long as possible. with the exception of the quick market run, i stayed inside on this beautiful, sunny, warm day. but, i could see all the beauty from my windows. i could hear life going on outside, and i could feel the wind blowing through the apartment. i was almost outside.

sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. know what i mean? and today, well, it was not a day to stress out about the things that i do/did that might not live up to everybody else’s expectations. so i’m not perfect. nobody is. we’re all just trying to get along. and today was my day to balance myself out… and i am most definitely ready to hit the streets running tomorrow.

peace in the imperfections.

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  1. Isn’t it imperfection that makes life interesting? How boring would it be if we were all perfect! I’m pretty big at procrastination, too :).

    1. glad to know i’m not alone! yeah, we gotta do our part to keep the world interesting. hehe.

  2. mmmh I think I would have just rang every single doorbell of the whole building until someone would have let me into the laundry room. On another note. Yes imperfection is important as perfection is boring. Though I’ve successfully procrastinated all my duties the last days I was off so have to get my ass in gear now 😀

    1. i would’ve if i could’ve. the thing is, there is only one key to the laundry room & it stays locked up unless you are using it. so, it’s the one key for the whole building = no one else could get in either. i locked in the one key there was. brilliant. 😉

      yay. i love that there are others who procrastinate until it becomes crazy! xx

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