full of archipelago love.

oh, how i’ve missed y’all!

but, the time away was absolutely perfect. sweden delivered perfect summer weather the entire week that we were in the archipelago. we were surrounded by friends & family, which made everything that much more fun. there were moments of solitude and silence, crazy moments of high energy and laughter. singing, dancing, walking in the woods, rowing on the sea, soaking up the sun, scratching mosquito bites, smothering our skin with sunscreen, reading in our cozy room… and i even got some work done! all in all, i must say, that this was the perfect way to spend our last full week in sweden. i could not have asked for a better week!

here come a bunch of photos… sending a little archipelago love to you:

skeppsgården i mitt hjärta (skeppsgården in my heart).




path camp

teenagers dock

summer archipelago

sunset archipelago

oar archipelago

lina rowing

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  1. Such beautiful photos. It looks like you enjoyed an amazing warm day and summer twilight with lovely friends! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. You two really are so very cute. Such wonderful pictures of you both! Look after yourselves this week – pack, relax, eat well and sleep! xx

  3. Maybe some locations in the archipelago look similar to others but some of these are uncannily like photos I took in 1994 when friends took me to their family home. I need to check my old photo album! Where are these exactly?

  4. Incredible photos. Very moving for me to see them this morning. I recall just such a place on the one time I was there with my mother, so many years ago, about 1972. Thanks for sharing.

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