gettin’ down to business. belovelive is on facebook!

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it’s time to get serious. and i have some pretty serious dreams. as i said before, it feels like 2013 is a year to embrace adventure all over the place and to embrace my free-spirited-ness. what that means is, it’s time to make more dreams come true! and to live it up. i feel like celebrating every day – even when there’s nothing to celebrate, or when i feel not-so-great. still, there is this excited, balanced, peaceful, carefree feeling inside me. i feel like stuff is gonna happen. or that it is happening.

if you know me (here or in the “real world”), then you know i love writing, photography, blogging, and travel. and you know that it is my biggest dream to make all of these into my career, my way of making money. well, it’s time to become that which i want. it’s just time. i feel it.

i have a friend who has asked if he can “feature” my blog at his restaurant, and if i can freelance/volunteer to be part of a visionary group for his business. he wants to have people with “deep souls” around him as he casts a new vision & mission for his restaurant, and since i have this blog, he thinks that it would be a great match. i don’t know much more about it, only that we’re gonna meet about once a week (and include other people too) and begin talking about our collaboration. so so so cool. and a beginning of something.

inspired by my friend & his suggestion to me, i decided it was time for my blog, belovelive, to have it’s own facebook page. on it, i want to connect with more people. post my blog posts. post photos i have taken for others, and make things a little bit more professional than my private facebook timeline. i am hoping to meet more people, get tons of likes, and work even harder to make this dream come true.

it’s just time, ya know? the stars are lining up, or something. the universe is opening up. and i am ready to grab hold of my dreams.

i love the quote in the image above because it says, “decide what to be” instead of “decide what to do”. ‘cuz it’s really about being who we are creatd to be… not just doing something. it’s about having a purpose, not just doing things. when there is purpose behind what we do = being who we are, then life has much more meaning. so, i’m not gonna worry about or decide what i want/need to do. i’m gonna focus on who i need/want to be. and when i am simply true to myself, then all that i do will be meaningful.

yep. i’m gonna get out there and be me. all over the place. i’m gonna make my dreams come true. it’s time, once again.

now, i ask you togo on over to my facebook page & “like” it. check it out, and hopefully you will feel a little inspiration and pass it along to people in your life.

like my page on Facebook by clicking the image.
like my page on Facebook by clicking the image.

Β what are your dreams? who do you want to be?Β 

peace & love.

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  1. Liked and shared! I mostly read you in my Google reader, but today I just had to click over and say CONGRATS on all of this and happy dream-making!

    1. yay!! thanks for “liking” me. πŸ˜‰ i appreciate it greatly! have a great weekend!

  2. Dreams are important. If you do not follow them or choose not to try, you might as well stop living. Life is given to enjoy it every single moment, not waste it.

  3. Yay! This all sounds very exciting and I’m wishing you all the best on this journey! You can do it, you just have to believe. I just had an interesting conversation with my bf last night about the exact same topic. We made some pretty big plans for taking the next step with our music. I can’t wait to actually go out there and share our passion with other people. 2013 is gonna be a big one for sure! πŸ™‚

    1. thank you! thank you! so excited for your big steps also. lots of love & peace along the way.

  4. I’m heading right over to facebook now to like your new page! CONGRATS!! Your enthusiasm and excitement is contagious! I’m feeling likewise that this year of 2013 is to be a big one for me as well….I’m initiating and making good, important, necessary changes…Hugs to you Liz!!

  5. Awww! Finally on Facebook! Was wondering when that was going to happen. Look out for a Laura liking you!

    You should have a Facebook icon or link on the homepage of your blog (if it’s possible with your design).

    1. thanks for the like! πŸ™‚

      no, my theme does not allow it. i’m gonna have to upgrade so i can do my own coding one day in the future. for now, i have put my facebook profile picture on the right under a facebook heading. hopefully it’s understandable that one can click on the picture & get linked to my fb page.

      by the way, i love when i get “laura comments” blasted. πŸ˜‰

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