girl’s night.

it’s late & the neighbor has some friends over… for what i would call “girl’s night karaoke”. it just so happens that her living room wall is our bedroom wall, so it seems like i’m gonna be serenaded to sleep tonight. at least they’re not that bad. plus, it’s fun to hear them having a good time.

on our side of the wall, we’ve had a girl’s night too. our pre-teen niece came late this afternoon to have a little sleepover with us, and we’ve laughed, talked, made pizza, and watched some movies. it has been so cozy & fun! but, it’s late now, our niece is hopefully sleeping soundly on the sofa, my love is surfing through blogs, zola’s sleeping between us, and i’m gonna be closing my eyes pretty soon too.

i went to a swedish name-giving service this afternoon for one of lina’s high school friend’s baby. it was quite a little swedish event, and i thought it was really personal, cozy, & sweet. it was like a baptism, but not. the two parents planned & prepared everything… first, a little service –  the parents explained the baby’s names & why they chose them, presented the “godparent’s” with a letter,  and my love sang 2 beautiful songs for them. then we had fika (of course!) with some awesome cookies, cake, candles, and good swedish company to chat with at the table. i took a ton of pictures because the whole shindig was in this old, old building from the 1700s. soooo typical swedish. soooo cool. i’ll share more about it & post some more pictures tomorrow.

now, the hour is late & i must get to bed. so i’m gonna go & chat with my love for a little bit before i drift off to sleep. nighty night, peeps.


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  1. I’ve always loved the combination of rustic and glamour (the chandelier and the aged wood boards). nice.

    ps. can I come over for pizza and movies too? 🙂

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