everything old is new again.

yesterday i mentioned that i went to a baby’s name-giving service (like a baptism, but not) in an old swedish building. the building, now owned by the city, was built in the mid-1700s in a place which, back then, would have most definitely been the country-side of norrkoping. now, i would say that it is within the city limits, though of course not in the middle of downtown. the sign outside the door read that it was first used as a meeting place, as well as a place for parties & other social gatherings… which, of course, is what it is still used for today. very cool, i think.

i imagined people coming by horses & carriages in the winter’s snow ready to celebrate one of the many holidays or festivals (not that we have any snow these days. ok. there is a tiny bit of white stuff on the ground in a few places, as you can see. still, it was freezing cold outside – and inside for that matter). i couldn’t wait to get inside & see what lina had said would be a building that i would fall in love with. and, oh, was she right!

when i walked into the chilly, old, wooden building i was immediately taken back in time. in the big gathering room i could almost hear the violins and accordions playing. i saw the men & women dancing around the room together, forming lines & circles. i felt the history of this old building… it was as if i was surrounded by memories of people i’d never known; and i was very thankful to have  the pleasure of joining all of those who have gathered here before to come together to remember, dance, sing, and eat. i felt honored to now be one of the many who have graced this beautiful building, celebrating one of life’s important events.

the picture above is of the main gathering room, or salon. look at that old floor. can’t you just hear all the footsteps & see all of the people dancing around in the room, dresses twirling and people clapping?!

 my love, her aunt (the pianist), and the parents. trying to figure things out before the ceremony… look at the paintings on the wall. exquisite!

glasses ready for toasting the little baby girl & welcoming her to the world!

cozy & yummy fika after the ceremony. love the simple, yet elegant decorations.

after fika, and getting to know some fun, new people, lina & i took a 30 minute walk back home. it was dark out, really cold, and a beautiful evening to take a brisk walk together. did i just say that?! am i becoming swedish? i enjoyed a walk outside at night in the cold. i walked all the way across town, thinking nothing of it, except that i wanted to do it again soon. huh?! what a change in thought for me… from a lazy, take the car everywhere (mostly because i had to), it’s too cold i don’t want to go outside for even 2 minutes american girl to a “lina, we really need to take walks like this in the cold, in the dead of winter, at night” kinda girl. what an amazing transformation. i like it!

i don’t know if a walk is gonna happen tonight, perhaps… but, i know for sure that there’s gonna be a cozy movie showing on our tv, some candles lit, and a glass of wine to wind down this week.

here’s to the end of a great weekend & a one-week countdown till we’re off to the STATES!!

peace & love (and winter walks!).

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  1. Oh, yes! We are so about to get ready and take a walk in the dark and cold Sunday night. Love ya´. Kramar

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