good friday & earth day rolled into one.

it’s a little weird having both on the same day. or, is it?

i must admit that i have been longing for the liturgy of good friday. i feel the need to feel the anguish, shame, and pain of this day. i want to experience good friday fully. i don’t want to celebrate. i don’t want to skip ahead to the joy of easter without reflecting on the sadness of today. or maybe, it’s just that i feel guilty for enjoying myself today…

but then, i was reading some this morning and i had a thought. or more of a feeling. from deep inside me i felt comfort and peace. i felt a sort of calling, reminding me that one had died in order for all others to live. i imagined a voice from the cross saying to me and to everyone, as he hung in pain and as dark covered the earth, that “it is finished.” it is done. and so, because of this one death, you and i might live. even though the sky turned dark, thunder boomed in the sky, and all was gray, death had been defeated. and with this feeling inside me i knew what i was supposed to do with this day…


there is no need to feel guilt for living. that is the gift that has been given to all humans on this day. so, that is exactly what i am going to do. live. soak in the sunshine. laugh with my wife. enjoy an amazing meal with swedish family this evening. talk with my parents. listen to music. snuggle with my cat. end the day with some moments of silence. you know, live.

and as i live my life today (and every day), i try to be constantly aware of the beauty, love, and hope that surrounds and fills this life. it is a gift. one to be unwrapped and enjoyed and shared. i will not waste it. i will cherish it. i will run through fields of flowers, splash in the ocean water, stare up at the starry night sky, hug the ones that i love, eat food with my fingers, travel as much as i can, and remember the sacrifice that was made so that i might enjoy all these moments.

so, really, what better reason to celebrate ¬†earth day and good friday all at once? on good friday, though it seems like it is the end (and i cannot imagine the defeat and disappointment that all of the followers and family of jesus must have felt), it is not the end. still, we must face the suffering. we must go through it. it exists in our lives. but there is more to the story, and because of today we know that we do not suffer alone. this year we also celebrate the earth today, which is a visible sign that life has won. and we are the ones to continue to work (with God) to make this life, this earth, reach it’s complete beauty – a world of justice, peace, and love.

happy earth day to all! may your good friday bring your moments of joy, even in the midst of pain.

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