gray days.

the sun is shining today. but it most definitely was not yesterday. it was cloudy, cold, dark. on top of that, it was monday. and it just felt heavy. i felt gray, like the day. so, what did i find myself doing in the afternoon? making a playlist. it all started with one fairly depressing song that i heard as i walked to work. and then, i heard another one later on in the day. both of them were a little sad, dark, mysterious.

Här kommer natten/ Here comes the night
kall och underbart lång/ cold and wonderfully long
här kommer mörkret/ here comes the darkness
dape – dape -dape – da – da -da

~ Miss Li

and then i knew. my strategy for getting over my monday blues was to create a playlist of these kinds of songs. songs about the blues. song about cold, rainy, dark days. songs about loss & pain. perfect for curling up by myself. wallowing in my emotions. letting the music wash over me. letting myself feel some of the pain, sadness, and fear that exists – even in my world.

i have to say, this activity most definitely worked all of the gray monday blahs out of me. my spirits lifted as the day came to a close. i ended up going to dinner with my love & our friend, celebrating life, enjoying each other, laughing, and just being.

just goes to show, perhaps a good playlist can help you through your gray days.

dark & gray


here’s to wishing you the courage to be present in whatever moments you find yourself today. peace & love.

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  1. Hey Liz,

    I do that, too! In fact, I’ve been on a mission of finding more music, more new artists I haven’t listened to before, to add to my expanding library. I usually do this via finding the artists/songs on the few online radio stations I like, & then I buy the songs via

    Here’s one for you, & I’ll bet you like it:

    The tone is unusual, I’d say sombre- except that it’s so unique that sombre isn’t it- as a matter of fact, it’s actually about being connected or wanting it. And- it’s catchy (you’ve been warned).

    Anywho- see what you think?


      1. Wow- sorry! I’ve never had a link turn into a full-on, huge bird before- lol…

        Sarah Fimm is pretty great- check out more of her stuff. Oh, also Meiko (I have a great mix- hers on it is: Leave The Lights On (am pacific nightswimming remix). Weekend Players- Jericho…Okay, I’ll stop now, promise. 😉

  2. I love delving into my itunes when I’m feeling like I need a break from the grey, both inside and out. I like that Sarah Fimm song, thanks for sharing it!
    (some folks are saying nice things about you on my blog).

  3. thanks! and it was so sweet of you to let me know about the comments on your blog. 🙂 i’m touched.

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