How I did a simple home blessing + why it’s what we all need

How I am finding freedom at home: My Corona Diaries

I’m officially calling these weekly posts my “Corona Diaries”

The week that set the tone for an intuitive 2019

May 2018: Basking in the glow of early summer moments

April 2018: When your intentions are not at all aligned with what you need

This Is Me: Week 5. The key to creating the life you want starts today

You’re gonna want to be present for this

It’s the official beginning of summer – even in Sweden (at least this weekend)

The day I gave up on perfect days

Episode 22 // How podcasting teaches us to live in the moment 

16 things i am doing today

the week that i said “no!” to vacation being over // 34

the week that was the beginning of the new (school) year // 33

right now: aka #widn

the week when i was looking for a change // 21

how to survive the in-between vibes of may’s new moon

the week when i ate my lunches alone // 15

when it really is all about the journey

how to find your zen at work: living life both on + off the mat

when all you’re thinking about is what happens next

week 52 // the week that was filled with holiday celebrations

how i’m surviving the bleak midwinter (& ready for a new year)

16 things i am currently doing (including being frenzied + calm)

november’s full moon: the truth about the holidays

week forty seven // the week that i almost missed it all

why today is more important than any other day

week forty six // the week i said “screw you” to my routines

// week 45 // weekend #2 of becoming a life coach

meditation mondays: bloom where you are planted

i choose now

what are you waiting for?

and so summer begins!

the significance of spring

sensory overload: part 9

wednesday wisdom.

wednesday wisdom. 7 ways to be grateful.

the single most important thing.

acceptance and yoga.

gray days.

even gray is beautiful.

another afternoon in europe.

the simple things.


when your heart aches, it’s time to refocus.

here & now

at the end of the rainbow.

an august picnic can teach you a lot.