hello… inspiration.

seems like all i needed was some quality, fun time with my wife & some amazing music.

we had a music cafe, called “local heroes”, at the church (where i work) saturday night. it was a 4 hour open mic nite full of amazing music & crazy, amazing talent… from a children’s choir, to a retired man blowing on a horn, to a singer-songwriter band (blackbyrd), to a jazzy-ish trio (the original trio), to super talented teenagers, to a middle-aged women’s band, to (you know it’s coming!) my amazing love. yes, my love sang 2 songs & everything about her was beautiful. i am overcome with pride, of course. and i have reason to be, according to person after person… all who are also singing her praises. needless to say, after a night such as this, filled with music, emotion, a chance to stand in front of the audience/congregation & offer my own words of inspiration, and a visit to the local pub for a st. patrick’s day guinness, i went to bed feeling overwhelmed and content. hellooooo, inspiration.

today was a chance to spend some quality time with my love. after work, we did a little shopping. oh my gosh. i bought some work out clothes. why did i do that? now, i’m gonna have to put them to use. hehe. seriously, i am hoping to begin more yoga. or begin yoga. anyway. we shopped, ate, and came home for a few hours to just relax. then, we headed back out in the evening for a movie.  a little sunday night date. perfect. and now, it’s a little sofa time & then off to bed.

so, now there’s music running through my veins, lifting my spirits and touching my soul. speaking of soul, lina’s cousin, julia, created a playlist today on spotify, which feels absolute perfect. it’s happy, relaxing, and chill. and then there’s my love. you know, there are just days/times when you feel connected. we’ve had some time to focus on each other & just be together… and watching my love listen to her soul and living life from her soul through her music has lifted my spirits. when all is said & done, now that i’ve been part of the real world again, am feeling better (bye bye,damn cold), and have had 2 days of inspiration, i feel a little more like myself. ready to face the next week.

cool ladies rockin’ it out.

the ep/cd cover for blackbyrd. yes. we loved them so much we bought their music. and liked them on facebook.

 my love. i could listen to her sing 24/7. she really should have a band. no. really.

 happy st. patrick’s day celebration!

 everyone in the family doin’ her thing. me & the computer. lina & the violin. zola & her cuteness.

 the movies! so cozy & fun.

hope you have had a great weekend and that you are ready to tackle & experience all that is waiting for you in this upcoming week. think what adventures & opportunities lie ahead for us! wishing you tons of inspiration & hope.

love & peace.

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  1. Sounds like you’re doing fantastic! I’m so happy to hear that you’re over the cold and on the mend. A little inspiration goes a long way, so I thank you for the uplifting posts. (: Best wishes to you and your little family! Here’s to a great week!

    1. Thank you!! You are so sweet. You are also so right about a tiny bit of inspiration. Wishing a great week right back at ya, hope the stress level is a little less! 🙂

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