halfway there.

oh, i am so so so bad at discipline and routine these days. how’s my lenten routine going? it’s random &  sporadic at best. and that’s being generous. i am fully aware of the benefits of spending 40 days dedicated to setting aside a very short amount of time every day. after 40 days, there will be some sort of transformation. something learned & experienced. and that time to myself, it’s invaluable to emptying myself and preparing myself for each day’s adventures and opportunities. but, here we are halfway through (or more actually, i guess) and i have most definitely not set aside that time on a daily basis. oh, yeah, i’ve thought about lent & read some things here & there. experienced some incredible moments. but, it hasn’t been how i planned or imagined it.

however, i’m not gonna beat myself up over it all. nope. today is a new day. and i begin again. i have a clean slate. i confess my inability to discipline myself & i seek to make a change for the better (better = more discipline for the next 3 weeks). will you send me good vibes & positive energy, prayers & thoughts so that i find the strength/discipline that i so desperately want to include in my life again?

so, here’s my little challenge for the second half of lent. (i can handle the instagram photo a day challenge, so i should be able to tackle this one. helloooo, priorities.) i will post a little quote every day – except sundays – that i find that inspires me & speaks to me. i’m posting it because i am held accountable to the blog world to actually do it, and in that way i receive support & motivation to discipline myself. plus. i enjoy writing & reflecting, as you know.

today’s inspiration:

“It was so important for me to lose everything, because I found out what the most important thing is, which is to be true to yourself.” ~ Ellen Degeneres

taking it one step further (for me & anyone else who wants to take up the challenge):

FAST from taking your belongings/material things for granted today and imagine having nothing.

PRAY to be more true to yourself.

plan to GIVE away some of your belongings to a local second-hand shop or homeless shelter.

* i found these ideas here.think i’ll use that website quite a bit.

wishing you monday morning peace.

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  1. I’ll send good vibes and encouragement your way every day! You can do it! I know how hard it is to have discipline, I struggle with the same problem most days. I wish you good luck in your journey, and a happy Monday. (:

  2. Like the new concept. Very ambitious… Also very impressed with the sports wear purchase. I startet running would you believe it?! …well started kinda means I went running 3 times in 4 weeks for about 15 minutes and then I collapsed but hey it’s the effort that counts. haha. luv ya and thx a mill about your kind words of encouragement about my blog project. Definitely thinking about it.

  3. i know. i’m a little freaked out about it. but, 2 days down now. 🙂 as for the exercising… i’m going to yoga on thursday for the first time. yay! hopefully it will be something i return too. i’m a little like you it sounds. keep thinking about the blog thing, if you feel the urge. lots of love. xo

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