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home sweet mountains.

10 Jul 2011


i’m back in my beautiful NC mountains and it feels so good & cozy. i forgot just how wonderful it feels to look out & see the amazing blue & gray shaded hills all around. mmm… it’s a back to nature feeling for me.

we’re staying in my parents’ log cabin by lake junaluska. we’re on the side of a mountain, covered by tons of trees, and all the rooms feel so cozy. I lived here for 6 months in 2009-2010 while Lina lived in Sweden. it was a tough time for us… separated for 6 months just after we were married. but this house, this cabin, kept me safe & warm during that lonely period.

I lived & worked in these mountains, in various places, for 11 years. so today we’re making a tour to visit some old sights: first the church where I worked for 7 years & all the amazing people there, then, the city (asheville) where line and I lived together, including the eclectic & diverse downtown area (perhaps my fav city anywhere!), & later dinner with my co-workers from the high school where I taught a crazy, amazing bunch of teenagers. who knows what else will pop up!

I must say, it feels good to be back… even for just a little while.

happy sunday! peace.

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  • Reply Holly 10 Jul 2011 at 18:08

    Sounds like you have a great time still ahead of you.
    It’s funny how the return to the country makes you feel so cozy – completely agree!

  • Reply Cicci 13 Jul 2011 at 23:47

    Jag saknar också de bergen. Underbart vackra och mäktiga 🙂

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