last day… sort of.


it’s the last day of beach week 2011 with the whole family together… and wouldn’t you know it? it’s a thunderstormy day! ugh. so, no beachin’ it. on the up-side, the family is together inside, enjoying each others’ company. watching tv, snacking, chatting, just messing around. however, all around me right now all the responsible people (that would be everyone except me & my cousin LT) are transitioning = cleaning & packing. gaaahhh! crappy. so, I guess I should do something productive…

this part of vacation may be coming to a close, but there’s more to come! i can’t get ahead of myself… the reynolds clan still has today & tonight! hope your week’s been great!

and maybe, just maybe, the sun will come out & i can run down to the water for just a few minutes!

stay tuned for one more week of our USA vacay! peace.

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  1. Hey, I see your dad! Give your parents your love for me. My family and I miss them a lot! And… I CAN’T WAIT to see you and Lina tomorrow! YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Love!

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