How I am turning intention into action so I can blow my own damn mind

I want to be self-disciplined. I want to say that I am a motivated, effective, productive person. But I don’t think I am any of these things.

I often wonder if I am lazy. Or if I am just being true to my personality. It’s a constant battle in my head.

No matter how much I wish it, though, I don’t think I’m a go-getter. I just do not make shit happen. I am definitely no expert on having a dream, creating a plan, and getting it done. Or am I? Do I?

I mean, I am good at that. Having a vision + a dream and working towards it. I have done that. In fact, for the past almost 10 years all I’ve been doing is making one more dream after another come true. The thing is, it takes me a long time. I’m slow.

But, is that a bad thing? And, better yet, perhaps that’s the way it was supposed to be?

Still, I continuously wonder if I am patiently letting life unfold… focusing on staying connected and grounded; rusting and aligning myself constantly, in order to make sure that I create the life that I want to live. Or, friends, am I just freaking slow and unmotivated?

Bottom line: Am I lazy or am I intentional?

As summer has wound down here, and everything has gone back to work + school as usual… you know, life has fallen back into that routine way of living, I’m thinking a lot about staying balanced, focused, and yet upping my effectiveness game. I feel that there is so much stuff that I want to do. I want to be actively making stuff happen. Yes, I want to remain intentional + intuitive + grounded, but I also want to take some big steps. Make some big changes.

And that means that it’s time to challenge myself. It’s time to shift gears. To ramp up the speed. To turn my intention into real, concrete action.

Now, this is not a “Oh, shit. I suck” kind of post. Instead, it’s a, “Here’s what’s working, so let’s do this all the damn time” kind of post.

So, here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna start by defining my routines. But, I’m not gonna define them as routines, but rather as rituals. And, I know that I need to make that change in order to be successful, grounded, and effective.

I know enough about myself that I know what works + what doesn’t work. I know what inspires, motivates, and encourages me. And rituals, not routines, inspire the hell out of me. Routines and schedules, while good to have, put a bad taste in my mouth. And I’m not good at keeping them going.

In order to be more effective and to turn my intentions into real, concrete actions… in order to make this shift in my life, this shift that I believe that is being presented to me right now as a time to begin to blow my own damn mind, all I need to do is add in more of the shit I love.

There’s no need to berate myself for what I don’t do. Or what doesn’t work. There’s no need to beat myself up over the parts of my day that I am not as wonderfully and blissfully engaged as the others – or the bad habits I have of just sitting + staring when I feel overwhelmed. No, all there is to do is to sprinkle all of that amazing shit that I love throughout my entire day. Why just start the day with the things that make my soul sing? Why not live that all of the time?

Why not replace the less productive parts of my day with the same things that I do during the most effective parts of my day? Why not replace the less motivating moments with more soul-filling moments?

It’s not like I need motivation to do what I love. So, I’m just gonna do what I love all the live long day.

But, something has been holding me back from doing that. I think that I have needed permission to not get down on myself, to not fault myself for the things that don’t work. I’ve needed to give myself permission to not even think about the stuff that doesn’t work. So, starting right now, I’m not.

What’s the point anyway? Why focus on the things that don’t work and make ourselves feel bad? Why compare ourselves to others and feel shitty because we aren’t “as good” as them? Why, I ask? Why? There is no need for any of that negative bullshit.

The only thing that is necessary to blow our own damn minds is to know what works + to do more of that.

So, here’s my list of what works for me:

Basically, mornings rock in my world. And, when I think about why they work, I see that it is because I am doing what I looooove. I am living from my passion. Creating + making each second as I want it to be.

So, friends, get ready. This autumn… no excuses for any of us. And no need to even think about what doesn’t work. It’s all about focusing on what does, and building from there. Yep. It’s time to have our minds blown.

xoxo. liz.

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