How I am shifting into the holiday season

I had a whole post in mind to share with you last weekend. A way to welcome the holiday season with a sense of presence + meaning. But, obviously, that didn’t happen. Never fear, though. That post is going to be shared (hopefully!) tomorrow – either here or in my newsletter. However, before I can move on to that post, and since 2 weeks have passed, I feel like I need this post to happen first. I don’t want to just hop right into my Advent post anymore. I’d like to first document these past two weeks, as I moved from autumn to winter, from the last vibes of Samhain magic into the mystical mood of the holiday season. So, I’m trusting my intuition and creating this post. I think it’ll help me really sink into those holiday vibes. And, of course, I love sharing regular life stuff with y’all.

Thanksgiving was a quiet, simple celebration – just me and my love. I worked, of course, on Thanksgiving. But, we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade online and officially welcomed the holiday season on Thanksgiving night. We also Facetimed with my parents during their entire Thanksgiving meal! My brother + his partner also celebrated just the two of them. So, it was a weird day all around this year.

Friday after work (I worked from home), I did some last minute grocery shopping + then got to cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. What a cozy afternoon + evening it was. So relaxed + simple. Lina + I cooked. I sipped wine. Lina snacked. And, then we sat down together to devour the delicious food we had prepared. Lina had some business to take care of in the midst of it all, and I found myself in the dark, alone at the table, and I sank down into a contemplative moment of deep gratitude. Even though everything’s all so weird, I am blessed with so very much.

After cleaning up dinner, we moved into the living room to eat pumpkin pie and to watch Miracle on 34th Street – a tradition in our family for officially welcoming in the holiday season.

On Sunday, the season of Advent began. Candles were lit. Stars hung. And decorations placed in their spaces.. Oh, I’ve got so much more to say about the Advent season – and how to let it guide us in creating a mindful, meaningful December. But, I’ll save all of that for my next post/newsletter.

The week started with a frigid, cold snap. I felt allllll the December, winter, holiday season vibes. I biked to + from work in the snow, snuggled up at home, and created as much coziness at work as possible. I even rearranged my office in the hopes of clearing + resetting the energy of my space. Turn out, I absolutely nailed it. It feels so good in my office right now.

In pure 2020 fashion, though, just after feeling settled in my office, we received sudden news that on Monday we’d be returning to remote learning = high schools all over Sweden closed (with a few exceptions for students who have practical work to finish or students who need extra help). So, without any warning, late on Thursday afternoon, we suddenly had to rethink everything about the last two weeks of this semester. It felt like total chaos. Uprooted, unhinged, unexpected.

But, after some deep breathing, a few meetings, and supportive pep talks for my kids, I felt balanced + grounded again. Ready to make the shift, deal with the adjustments, and plan for whatever may come during these next two weeks.

I worked from home Friday and now I have settled deep into this weekend. My only intention is to rest + be present. It’s dark all the time, the sun hasn’t shone in well over a week, and we’re staying home (as we have done for months now) because of the pandemic. So, there’s nothing left to do but to cozy up with all of those holiday season vibes.

Well, there you go. I suppose with these past two weeks, I have officially shifted into holiday season mode. It doesn’t feel exactly the same as all holiday seasons in the past. But, that’s ok. I am accepting + learning more about what kind of holiday traditions + rituals really speak to my soul. A bit like all of 2020 has done for me. My understanding of the life I want to lead, those moments + people + things that means the most to me, and how slow + simple I truly crave my life to be.

I hope that you’re shifting into the holiday season with ease. Please know that during this most unique time, it is important to be honest, authentic, and as grounded as possible. Reach out to someone should you feel the need. And, I’m always here as well – on the other side of your computer screen. So contact me if you need to. The holiday season is meant to shine a light in the dark. I’ll do my best to shine a little light, if you feel the darkness surrounding you.

Holiday blessings, loves. xoxo liz.

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